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PAC Retro Matte gloss 08 review and swatch

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to talk about PAC Retro Matte gloss.PAC Cosmetics is a Indian Cosmetics company ,PAC has a large variety of professional makeup products with great quality.If you have never heard of PAC before check out there website here.Retro matte gloss is a liquid lipstick which come in 40 stunning shades.Lets get into the review quickly.

Product claims :

A revolutionary new lightweight, non-drying formula in our liquid lipsticks! Gives you an opaque payoff with just one swipe! Our liquid lipstick dries down matte right after one swipe and lasts through thick and thin! Available in 20 unique shades.

  • Lightweight
  • Opaque payoff with just one swipe!
  • Dries down matte right after one swipe!
  • For best results: Avoid oily food 

Price Rs 550 ,available here


20170506_094307Packaging :The PAC retro matte gloss comes in a cylindrical  bottle with a black screw cap.The bottle is sturdy and travel friendly.The shades are numbered and number is mentioned at the bottom of the bottle.It has a doe foot applicator which make the application easier and comfortable.PAC has recently changed their packaging from transparent bottle to black with color coding at the end.The packaging is pretty and  bit different.


Color – 08 is a brown with slight orangish or yellowish undertones in it.It is a subtle neutral color and will suit a variety of skin tones.The color is unique in itself and it is difficult to find this type of shade in Indian market.It is a unique addition to my lipstick collection.


Texture and Staying power -The texture is neither too thick nor too runny ,it is somewhere in between.I found the texture and formula comparable to Colorpop Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks.The finish is velvet matte and it is transfer proof.The pigmentation is amazing and opaque.I do not find it blotchy what so ever.The staying power is also good these stays for around 6 to 8 hours with drinking and snacking.They tends to break down with very oily food.It is very important to prep your lips otherwise it will accentuate dry flaky lips.The formula is comfortable to wear and I do not find these drying or sucking moisture from my lips.


  1. Good quality
  2. Pigmented and long wearing
  3. Variety of shades
  4. Affordable
  5. Comfortable to wear
  6. Transfer proof.


  1. Preping lips is a must

Rating – 5/5


I think these are good quality liquid lipstick and every lipstick addict like me must try at least one shade from the range.These are really hyped in the blog sphere and loved by Indian Beauty gurus.They have variety of colors I am sure you will get your one.I am happy  because of the quality and the color ,what else you want from a lipstick.

That was it guys .Hope you find it useful.Please comment and subscribe to my blog.

I love you all so much





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Kronokare Aromatherapy Flower Power Toner : Review

Hi everyone,

As I have mentioned in my dry skincare tips post  here that face toner is the most important and often neglected step of our skin care routine.I strongly believe that a face toner do wonders for skin if used on a regular basis.A good face toner help in soothing dry patches and repairs them with regular use.I am going to share my experience with Kronokare flower power toner which I am using since a long time.Read on to know more about the product

Product claims :

when the time comes to infuse power to your skin, let flowers to do the job! Our Face Toner is naturally made of pure distilled flower water, combining the purifying property of lavender with the repairing property of Neroli and YlangYlang. Your skin texture gets instantly supple, the pores shrink, and the completion is illuminated. You simply glow

Price : Rs 295 Buy here



It comes in a cylindrical black colored bottle with a spray nozzle.I like spray nozzles for toner as it spreads evenly on face very conveniently.The nozzle is covered with a transparent cap.The packaging is light weight and travel friendly.The toner is free from sulphate,mineral oil, paraben, silicones and artificial fragrance.The toner is colorless and it has very subtle smell.The smell is very natural and nothing chemical or artificial .It absorbs into the skin quickly.It feels a little sticky in the beginning but the stickiness disappears after 30 seconds.I find that regularly using this toner makes my face hydrated and deals with dry patches well.The toner is gentle and safe to use over a long period of time.It instantly makes the skin fresh and imparts natural glow to skin.



  1. Travel friendly
  2. Affordable
  3. Light weight
  4. Chemical and artificial fragrance free
  5. Easy to use spray bottle
  6. Refresh and moisturise skin


  1. Little sticky when applied much.

Rating :4/5

I love the fact that it is 100% natural and contains benefits of lavender ,neroli and ylang ylang flowers.It is a nice and affordable toner which refreshes the skin and provide hydration to the skin.I totally recommend it to everyone.

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Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette – Iconic 3 Review and swatches

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to review another eyeshadow palette from the brand Makeup revolution London.Makeup Revolution is popular for manufacturing affordable and amazing quality eyeshadow palettes.I purchased Iconic 3 palette which is a perfect dupe of Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.I have compared it UD naked 3 palette and it is exactly the same,the colors are also arranged exactly in the same order as in the Naked 3 palette.It is mix of mattes,shimmer and satin eye shadows.Read on to know more about this perfect dupe.


Brand Claims:

A the ultimate palette with 12 iconic shades with ultra high payoff.

Price :

Rs 1200 but always on discount.I got mine for  Rs 390 ,huge discount 😉


My experience with Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette

The palette comes in a rectangular plastic packaging with a transparent lid.All the ingredients and details are mentioned at the back of the palette.It comes with a sponge tip applicator and shades are nameless.The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.However,the transparent lid is prone to scratches which look ugly after some time.


The texture of the shadows are soft and blendable . These have minimum fallouts and are easy to work with.The matte shades are also soft and not at all chalky shimmery and satin shades are also good quality.It is a beautiful neutral eyeshadow palette with rosy and plum tones.The color selection is very pretty and suitable for fair and medium skin tones.It is a decent palette with good color payoff and staying power.They stay for around 4 to 5 hours without primer.These shadows do not crease or fade easily.

Shades are not named so I am numbering them from left to right for explaining :

  1. Matte Beige
  2. Shimmery pale pink shimmer.
  3. Satin rosy brown
  4. Matte pinky brown
  5. Shimmery rose gold color
  6. Shimmery gold color
  7. Matte brown with pink undertones
  8. Shimmery brown
  9. Shimmery dark brown
  10. Shimmery brownish taupe
  11. Satin brownish taupe
  12. Black with red sparkles.
Swatches from L to R 1 to 6
Swatches L to R

You can create numerous look with the palette.It has browns and pinks as dominating shades,so both neutral and dramatic looks can be created.I have used it so many times and it never disappoints me.Some shimmery shades have less color pay off but can be fix by using a wet brush or fingers.The quality is not at par with the UD naked  3 palette but it is decent palette especially if you are on a budget.The color selection is so unique and beautiful that I often reach for this palette.I have created some smokey sultry looks as well with the palette.


  1. Affordable
  2. Amazing color selection
  3. Travel friendly
  4. Good pigmentation
  5. Nice color payoff


  1. Some shimmery shades are less pigmented
  2. Average wear time.

Rating 4/5

Conclusion : It is decent quality and beginner friendly palette.I love the fact that it is perfect dupe of Naked 3 palette .Those who cannot afford Urban Decay but want to try colors can definitely go for this one. I am fond of this palette because colors are so pretty and quality is also not that bad.I will recommend this palette if you are on a budget or a beginner.

Thanks for reading ,

Take care n bye




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Sivanna Colors Eyeshadow palette – Brown swatches and review

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to talk about Sivanna Colors eyeshadow palette in Brown. Sivanna Colors is  a Thailand based cosmetics company.The products are very affordable and good quality.These became very popular in India because of their good quality,low price and vast product range.My brown eyeshadow was finished and I was looking for a brown eyeshadow.I came to know about this one and ordered immediately from an insta store.Read on to know more about the palette.


Price Rs 300 (it varies from where you buy) Buy here 

 My thoughts about Sivanna Colors Brown eyeshadow palette

I am very impressed with the palette.The texture of the shadows are smooth and blend able. It comes with six eye shadows with mixture of matte,shimmer and satin.It comes in a sturdy transparent plastic packaging.The packaging is cute and tiny,palm sized.All the details are mentioned on the back side of the palette.It is travel friendly.It comes with a dual sponge tip applicator which is useless.


The shades are pigmented and smooth,even matte shades have great color payoff but they have a lot of fall outs.I think mostly smooth eyeshadows have fall out.Fallouts can be wiped easily with a piece of cloth.The shimmers are absolutely stunning.This palette can be used to create neutral as well as smokey looks .A makeup lover’s eyeshadow collection is incomplete without some nice matte browns and it is perfect brown palette.The staying power is about 4 to 5 hours without a primer.These do not fade or crease  on the lids.The colors of the palette will suit fair to medium skin tones quite well but very dark skinned may not find it useful.The colors can be used to create numerous look.Only drawback is that the quantity given is very little for the price,I wish pans were little bigger.20170423_162131


20170423_162028.jpgThe shades are not named so for the purpose of explaining I have numbered them from left to right.

  1. Matte Dark brown
  2. Satin peach
  3. Taupy brown ( great for filling brows)
  4. Matte dark brown ( similar to first one)
  5. Light brown color (Contour shade for me as well)
  6. Shimmery chocolate shade
swatches L to R

Rating 4.5/5

It is a must have palette in my opinion if you are building your eyeshadow collection.It is budget friendly and good quality.Even if you are not much into eye makeup and prefer bold lips,this palette can be very useful.It is an essential in my vanity and I happy that I purchased it.I have created both neutral and shimmery party looks with the palette .

I hope you enjoy the post.

Did you try Sivanna colors?Which brown eyeshadow do you use more often?Let me know in the comments section below:



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Ali Express Shopping Tips and Guidelines

UntitledgHello everyone,

Today’s post was pending for so long ,I am sorry for the delay but its better to be late than never.I am going to share some tips and guidelines to shop on Ali express.Ali is the retail service made up of mostly small Chinese businesses offering products to international buyers.It is a part of Ali baba group which is the largest e commerce company in the world.Ali Express offers variety of products at very low price.The product ranges from electronics to clothing ,fashion and beauty.Ali express is a one stop destination for all products requirements.I came to know about Ali express two years back when I was searching some hair accessory  for my baby.I was very impressed with the product range and very low prices.Gradually I started visiting the site often and became familiar to shop on Ali express.I have ordered dozens of products  from Ali express,few of them arrived some never came.It is the most safe international website if you know how to shop .Following are some guidelines to shop on Ali Express :

  1. Understand what is Buyer Protection – Buyer protection feature make Ali Express the most safe place to shop online.It basically means that if your order did not arrive under a stipulated time you have the power to open the dispute and claim the refund.When you order something Ali Express retains the money until you receive the product and fully satisfied,only when they will release payment to the vendor.This motivates the seller to make genuine efforts to dispatch the product and the buyer also remains safe at the same time.It happens when the package take a longer time and the product has not arrived the buyer can claim full refund.Buyer can open a dispute when ever he wish and claim the money back.Ali
  2. Buy from top rated seller – Always buy from the seller who has good ratings and is selling on Ali Express since a long time.Ali Express allows its customers to review sellers on various basis such as item as described,delivery time,communication with sellers.Always check the ratings of the seller and then place the order.
    1. Number of orders – It is also important to see how many orders of the particular product has been taken by the seller.It gives you idea that the seller is established in selling the product.It means that there are more chances of a successful order.Untitled
  3. Do not order by looking at the photos – I have noticed that most sellers on Ali express have different picture on the display page and different picture in the description box.Do not order any product just by looking at the pictures,scroll down and read the complete description,features,specifications and original picture of the product and then make any decisionAli2
  4. Communicate with the seller – Ali Express has a message centre which allows the buyer to communicate with the seller . I always send message to seller enquiring about the size,quality and delivery mode.The sellers are responsive and clear the queries well. Some sellers also give tracking information when asked.So, always leave a message to the seller enquire about the shipping time and method .
  5. Untitled.pnghj
  6. Always read reviews by customers – I always read reviews from customers who have already purchased the product.Ali express have review with photo feature which allows the customer to post pictures of the product. I always check reviews with photos because it gives me an idea how the product actually looks.Do not buy from sellers who does not have any review.hhhhh
  7. Avoid free shipping for expensive items -Ali express has a free shipping policy and they ship via National Post which take a longer period of time and with no tracking feature.If you are ordering something expensive communicate with the seller first and then choose a faster delivery option.Do not order something fragile and expensive without communicating with the seller.
  8. Do not order anything which you want urgently –Ali Express send orders via National Post .National Post is the most economical and the slowest delivery option.So,avoid ordering something which you want in a short period of time.It usually take 30 to 40 days to arrive and there is no guarantee whether the item will arrive or not.
  9. Do not confirm receipt unless you are satisfied – Use the product thoroughly and make yourself satisfied with the product before confirming the receipt.If any problem occurs contact with the seller and sought out the issue.If the seller is not responding you can contact Ali Express customer representative and get your issue solved.
  10. Think twice before ordering super cheap product – Do not get attracted to very low priced product because on Ali Express different sellers sell same prodcut at different prices.So,if  product is super low there are high chances of low or below standard quality.

These are my tips to shop safely on Ali express.I never faced any problem in refund or placing order on Ali Express. It is  a safe shopping website but the  only drawback is slow shipping.I agree that some items never arrived but I got my money back.So,do not hesitate, shop on Ali express and enjoy good quality products at lowest price.

Thank you for reading Bye n Take care.

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B H Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette – Review and Swatches

Hi everyone,

You tubers collaborating with different brands is the latest trend these days.Our favourite you tubers are coming up with different palettes now an then.However,this trend has not arrived in India yet.So,when I came to know about Carli Bybel palette by B H cosmetics I did a research and got intrigued to buy it.When B H cosmetics launched this palette ,their website crashed and no one was able to place the order .It is pretty affordable and best seller palette of B H Cosmetics. However,Carli  has launched deluxe version of her palette but I came to know about it when I ordered this one.The deluxe palette is much bigger has some new shades of highlighter and eyeshadow including some shades from previous version.The original Carli Bybel palette is discontinued now and only deluxe version is available on B H cosmetic’s website.


2017-04-21 12.27.4220170419_163100

Product Claims :

Beauty expert and YouTube sensation Carli Bybel designed this versatile 14 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette to dial up the drama and add excitement to your look. Carli’s taste for chic refinement and modern elegance inspired her to select a collection of earthy neutrals and plummy brown shades with four face highlighters that complement every skin tone. The mix of mattes and shimmers make it easy to go from amped-up evening intensity to toned-down daytime options.

Price: 14.52 dollars .I paid Rs 1452 including shipping for the palette.I ordered from  B H Cosmetics website.

Packaging : It comes in a white color sleek cardboard packaging and a big mirror.”Aspire to Inspire” is written below the mirror,Carli always mention this quote in the beginning of her videos.It is the most beautiful palette I have ever seen.I love this unique white color palette.This is a refreshing change from normal black or transparent packaging.It has a cute cushion and pearl design on front.At the back all the details and description of the product is mentioned. It has magnetic closure and it is a travel friendly palette.This was my first International order and I was a little afraid of customs charges but I did not paid any thing of that sort.The palette arrived in 10 days which is super fast.


B H Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette


Shades and texture – This palette contains 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlights .There are 5 matte and 5 shimmery eyeshadows in the palette.This palette is so versatile that it can be used to create the most natural looks and the most dramatic looks.The shades range from champagne to plums and mauve to brownish taupe.The highlighter shades are for all skin tones. The shadows are extremely pigmented and very soft.The highlighters are also smooth and glitters are not chunky.They have perfect amount of shimmer and look absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful flower design is engraved on the highlighter which is so beautiful.Matte shades have a lot of fall out but it is easy to wipe off because of the cardboard packaging..The shimmery shades look stunning and are crazily pigmented.The mauve and plum shades are my absolute favourites,they suit all skin tones so well.These stay for around 8 hours without primer which is not bad at all.

The first row contains four matte and one shimmer eye shadow. The first row has a cream, pink toned shimmer,a soft brown,mauve and a plum eye shadow.

Swatches Top row L to R


The second row has four shimmer and one matte eyeshadow. It contains a shimmer champagne,gold with shimmers,shimmery brown,shimmery copper and a matte brownish taupe eye shadow.

Middle row swatches  L to R

Third row of highlighter contains a pale pink,champagne,gold and bronze highlighter. Second one from bottom is my favourite

Last row swatches L to R


  1. Beautiful colors
  2. Affordable
  3. Pigmented and soft
  4. Nice packaging
  5. Travel friendly
  6. Suit all skin tones
  7. Highly blendable



  1. Not available in India

Rating : 5/5

Conclusion : This is good quality and affordable eye shadow and highlighter palette with amazing color selection.I paid a little extra for  international shipping but those who can avail it without high shipping will find it super affordable.This was a limited edition palette but the deluxe version is now available. So,if you want to try this you can definitely go for the deluxe version.I happy with my purchase, it is a beautiful addition to my makeup stash.



Neutral Spring Glam: Ft. Too Faced Natural Love Palette

beautiful pictures


I have been putting the Too Faced Natural Love Palette to the test over the past week. I thought i’d share a review and a look with you all. If you scroll down in the post, I also show the other products that I used for this look. I created this neutral spring glam look and I love how it turned out.


The Natural Love palette is a limited edition palette that Too Faced came out with for the spring season. It is available online at Sephora or the Too Faced website. It retails for $69 CAD, $59 USD. Let’s start off by talking about the packaging. It’s an adorable storybook theme. It’s very slim, and has a huge mirror. The only downfall is that it is made out of cardboard, and i’m already finding it to be a bit scuffed up.

IMG_20170409_2026582017-03-31_22.55.54It contains 30 beautiful neutral shades. It has…

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