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Skin care tips for Dry skin with product recommendation

We all dream of a healthy and perfect skin.It is very important to know your skin type and taking care of skin accordingly.We all can  have that perfect glowing skin with proper care and choosing right products.Today I am going to share some simple rules to take care of dry skin.Dry skin is  an uncomfortable skin condition marked by itching ,scaling and cracking. I also have dry skin and with years of trial and error I have found some ways to deal with it.It is very important to stick to the routine and make it a habit.So,with continuous efforts  you can beat those stubborn dry patches.

Given below are the golden rules to take care of dry skin with product recommendation :

  1. Cleansing : It is very important to wash your face twice  a day.Always read the ingredients before purchasing any face wash or cleanser.Ingredients like Soduim Laurel Sulphte and sodium laurel ethel sulphates are actually detergent and foaming agents which make the skin more drier.Choose a soap free cleanser or a mild face wash which does not lather much.

Product recommendations

  1. Himalaya aloe and cucumber face wash  Buy here – This my HG cleanser and I have used two tubes of this. Love it.
  2. Kama Ayurveda Rose and Jaismine face cleanser  Buy here
  3. Just herbs Neem and Orange Hydrant face wash Buy here
  4. Juicy Chemistry Ylang Ylang and Lavender Daily cleanser Buy here

2. Tone your dry patches – Toning is the most important and often neglected part of skin care routine.Choose an alcohol free toner.Toner helps in soothing dry patches and repair them with continuous use.Tone your skin twice a day.So,do not forget to include a toner in your skin care routine.

Product recommendation :

  1. Lotus Herbals Rosetone .( My HG toner,finished two bottles of this) Buy here
  2. Kronokare Flower power toner Buy here
  3. Kama Ayurveda Rose water

3. Serum or facial oil – Use a facial serum or essential oil just after toning.Sometime skin need more moisture and serum or oils penetrate deep into the skin and give much needed moisture.A beauty blogger suggested me to use facial oil for my dry patches and it really works.A big thanks to her.I use serum at night only.

Product recommendation:

  1. Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum .Buy here
  2. Juicy Chemistry Argan oil. Buy here
  3. The Body Shop Drops of youth ( Got a sample in my MSM box..its awesome) Buy here

4.Moisturiser – Use a moisturiser which is free from mineral oil.Mineral oil is dangerous for our skin and damage the skin with continuous use.Moisturisers are very part of skincare.If the skin is dry you need a moisturiser which is  a bit heavy and absorbs at the same time.The moisturiser should be free from artificial color and fragrance. I recommend to apply moisturiser after spraying a little toner,it helps the cream penetrate deep into the skin and absorbs better.

Product recommendation:

1.Blossom kochhar Almond Nourishing Cream  Buy here

2. The body shop 24 hours Vitamin E cream Buy here

3.Parasoft cream for dry skin.(This was recommended to me by a dermatologist,it is amazing for very dry skin) Buy here

5.Scrub – Use a cream based scrub with fine exfoliating particles. Very chunky exfoliating particles will irritate the delicate dry skin.Using a cream based exfoliator is important because cream  base will hydrate the skin and prevent it from getting strechy or drier after exfoliation. Scrub your face twice a week.

Product recommendation :

  1. Johara Instant Radiance face scrub Buy here
  2. Everyuth walnut face scrub Buy here
  3. Kama Ayurveda kumkumadi Brightening facial scrub Buy here

6. Face pack – Face packs provides nourishment to the skin .If you have dry skin avoid using clay based masks instead use a gel or cream based face masks .Clay based masks will suck all the moisture and make it more drier.If you are using clay based mask keep it for shorter duration on the skin to prevent moisture loss. The latest trend Sheet masks also work wonders for dry skin. Use  face mask once a week.

Product recommendations :

  1. Innisfree Sheet masks Buy here
  2. Natural Bath and body Grapefuit and Vitamin C face mask.
  3. Biotique Bio Fruit Flawless Whitening and Depigmentation face mask. Buy here

So,these are tips which I follow to take of my dry skin.The products mentioned above are used by me and they suit me well.However,before trying any product do a patch test or consult your dermatologist.

5 thoughts on “Skin care tips for Dry skin with product recommendation

  1. Great post, and even though I don’t have dry skin myself, I can appreciate some well thought recommendations. I use Kama Ayurveda products a lot too, I love how clean and effective they are!

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  2. I absolutely struggle with this issue throughout the winter months in Northern MN. If you are looking for a clean one ingredient moisturizer, I swear by Shea Butter. It’s so under-rated but works for so many things. Excellent!

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