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Ali Express Shopping Tips and Guidelines

UntitledgHello everyone,

Today’s post was pending for so long ,I am sorry for the delay but its better to be late than never.I am going to share some tips and guidelines to shop on Ali express.Ali is the retail service made up of mostly small Chinese businesses offering products to international buyers.It is a part of Ali baba group which is the largest e commerce company in the world.Ali Express offers variety of products at very low price.The product ranges from electronics to clothing ,fashion and beauty.Ali express is a one stop destination for all products requirements.I came to know about Ali express two years back when I was searching some hair accessory  for my baby.I was very impressed with the product range and very low prices.Gradually I started visiting the site often and became familiar to shop on Ali express.I have ordered dozens of products  from Ali express,few of them arrived some never came.It is the most safe international website if you know how to shop .Following are some guidelines to shop on Ali Express :

  1. Understand what is Buyer Protection – Buyer protection feature make Ali Express the most safe place to shop online.It basically means that if your order did not arrive under a stipulated time you have the power to open the dispute and claim the refund.When you order something Ali Express retains the money until you receive the product and fully satisfied,only when they will release payment to the vendor.This motivates the seller to make genuine efforts to dispatch the product and the buyer also remains safe at the same time.It happens when the package take a longer time and the product has not arrived the buyer can claim full refund.Buyer can open a dispute when ever he wish and claim the money back.Ali
  2. Buy from top rated seller – Always buy from the seller who has good ratings and is selling on Ali Express since a long time.Ali Express allows its customers to review sellers on various basis such as item as described,delivery time,communication with sellers.Always check the ratings of the seller and then place the order.
    1. Number of orders – It is also important to see how many orders of the particular product has been taken by the seller.It gives you idea that the seller is established in selling the product.It means that there are more chances of a successful order.Untitled
  3. Do not order by looking at the photos – I have noticed that most sellers on Ali express have different picture on the display page and different picture in the description box.Do not order any product just by looking at the pictures,scroll down and read the complete description,features,specifications and original picture of the product and then make any decisionAli2
  4. Communicate with the seller – Ali Express has a message centre which allows the buyer to communicate with the seller . I always send message to seller enquiring about the size,quality and delivery mode.The sellers are responsive and clear the queries well. Some sellers also give tracking information when asked.So, always leave a message to the seller enquire about the shipping time and method .
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  6. Always read reviews by customers – I always read reviews from customers who have already purchased the product.Ali express have review with photo feature which allows the customer to post pictures of the product. I always check reviews with photos because it gives me an idea how the product actually looks.Do not buy from sellers who does not have any review.hhhhh
  7. Avoid free shipping for expensive items -Ali express has a free shipping policy and they ship via National Post which take a longer period of time and with no tracking feature.If you are ordering something expensive communicate with the seller first and then choose a faster delivery option.Do not order something fragile and expensive without communicating with the seller.
  8. Do not order anything which you want urgently –Ali Express send orders via National Post .National Post is the most economical and the slowest delivery option.So,avoid ordering something which you want in a short period of time.It usually take 30 to 40 days to arrive and there is no guarantee whether the item will arrive or not.
  9. Do not confirm receipt unless you are satisfied – Use the product thoroughly and make yourself satisfied with the product before confirming the receipt.If any problem occurs contact with the seller and sought out the issue.If the seller is not responding you can contact Ali Express customer representative and get your issue solved.
  10. Think twice before ordering super cheap product – Do not get attracted to very low priced product because on Ali Express different sellers sell same prodcut at different prices.So,if  product is super low there are high chances of low or below standard quality.

These are my tips to shop safely on Ali express.I never faced any problem in refund or placing order on Ali Express. It is  a safe shopping website but the  only drawback is slow shipping.I agree that some items never arrived but I got my money back.So,do not hesitate, shop on Ali express and enjoy good quality products at lowest price.

Thank you for reading Bye n Take care.

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