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How to fix broken powder makeup

Hello everybody,

Today I am going to talk about a hack to fix broken eyeshadow,compact,bronzer or highlighter.It is a nightmare to see broken makeup.It is really disheartening when you break a makeup.I can feel the pain deep in my heart when I see my darling all shattered and crumbled.I never broke any makeup (touch wood) but recently I ordered a bronzer which came broken.I asked my best friend “Google” and find some ways to fix it. I ordered Wet n wild bronzer in Reserve your Cabbana which came broken. I am not going into that sad story of the courier company’s faulty system, neither I got a replacement nor refund.Lets quickly find what the hack is.



You will need:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol or surgurical spirit.
  2. Tissue paper
  3. A flat round cap or fingers.


bronzer fixed using rubbing alcohol


Firstly,take out all the broken pieces of the powder on tissue paper and smash it like loose powder.

Secondly, then keep the powder back into the pan and spread it.Pour some drops of rubbing alcohol on the powder so that it is wet.

Lastly,keep a tissue paper on the wet makeup ,press and set it with a flat round thing.Pat gently so that it sets evenly.Leave it overnight.

VOILA your makeup is ready to use.

Please share your tips and recommendations to fix broken makeup.


thank for reading


5 thoughts on “How to fix broken powder makeup

  1. This has literally saved my life! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked out my blog too x


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