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Anti Haul – Things that I am not going to buy Vol 1


Hello pretty ladies,

How are you all?I am not able to blog regularly due to some personal reason but I was missing blogging so much that I thought I am going to post something .I am not going to review any makeup or skincare but today I am going to talk about Anti Haul.Kimberly Clark is the one who introduced this concept.Recently Shreya Jain also did a an anti haul video.I found the concept very interesting so I thought I should also do an anti haul post.Anti Haul basically means things which I am not going to buy.It does not means that the products are bad quality or something but I have my own personal reasons for not buying them.So lets begin :

  1. Lakme 9 to 5 primer + matte lipstick – These were launched some days ago and I do not find a single reason to buy them.They are nothing but the old 9 to 5 lipsticks even the shades are exactly same,names are same even the packaging is same the only difference is the primer part.I already have 9 to 5 matte lipsticks I love them and I do not find them drying, so no point of purchasing .Lakme-9-to-5-Primer-Matte-Lip-Color-2.jpg
  2. Nykaa GLAMOReyes eye pencil – Nykaa recently launched their colored eye pencils.They come in different colors and formula is also very much appreciated by the bloggers.They come in five different shades.But I think that I do not need to buy these because I have Maybelline eye drama gel eye pencils which are superrrr quality and price is also very much similar. Maybelline one has  diverse colour options like nude,purple,brown where as Nykaa ones have only blue,green,teal and grey.So,I can easily pass these.anti haulll.pngkk
  3. Colour pop Gimme more Highlighter Palette – Colour pop recently launched their highlighter palette,very affordable and beautiful colors but I think I have enough highlighters and I do not use them daily.I have highlighters from the Carli Bybel palette ,Wet n wild one( review here) and Odbo sweet hearts also.So,no point of hoarding another whole palette of highlighter which will last  forever.anti haul.png         
  4. Metallic liquid lipsticks – Huda Khattan’s recent launch is lip strobe which is nothing but metallic liquid lipstick.I am not very much excited for this launch,my matte lipstick phase is not over yet.I donno why but I am not attracted towards metallic liquid lipsticks.Other brands such as Colour pop,Milani,Jouer Cosmetics,Kylie Cosmetics also launched their metallic liquid lipsticks.I am not sure whether I am gonna buy them in future but for now a big NO to these metallic liquid lipsticks. 

  5. Powder Contour and Cream contour Palettes – I do makeup on my self and purchasing a whole palette for my use only is a foolish idea because I am going to use only one or two shade which will suit me  and all other shades will never be used so,it is better to invest in a good single contour product rather than a whole palette which will never be used properly.So,I am not going to spend on a contour palette unles it is very affordable,like I came acros Odbo contour palette which was for Rs 450 only.I might think to buy Odbo one but not PAC contour Palette,Kat Von D shades n light,Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette etc etc etcsss.

This was my first anti haul post.Anti hauls are fun and it gives makeup hoarders like me reasons not to buy a makeup. It is so satisfying ahhh…….lol

I hope you all enjoy my anti haul .Please comment and share your thoughts as well

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