Sivanna Colors Perfect Duo Colors Brow : Review

Hey loves,

Today I am going to talk about a brow product which I recently purchased from an insta seller.You all know I love and trust Sivanna colors products so I thought to give this one a try.I have pretty thick full brows but have some gaps here and there so I use  something to fill in the gaps.I know that I do not need a very high quality product for my brows and do not need to spend huge on brow product so I picked this affordable option.Lets start with the review now 🙂

Product Claims :Double color eyebrow pencil,can use color,draw the personality makeup,can double use,natural transition eyebrow makeup.A dual purpose,it is the best choice to draw eyebrow bone.

Price : I got it for Rs 250. You can buy Sivanna products from Amazon.com




Packaging :It comes in a cardboard packaging with all the details ,description,how to use etc at the back.The actual product comes in twist up pencil with a spoolie at the other end.The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.It is easy to use.


Shade : I got the shade Brownie Brown.I asked for other shades from the seller but he said it is the only shade.But I think there are other shades also.It is slanted pencil with two colors,one color is dark black and other color is medium brown.I really like the idea of two colors in one pencil.The darker shade can be used to fill the arch and tip whereas lighter color can be used to fill  where light shade is needed( usually used at the beginning of the brow).The shade is a perfect match for me.The spoolie is good quality and blend the colors well.I like that the spoolie  also have a cap.


Pigmentation:The pencil is not very pigmented which is a good thing when it comes to brow product .Two or three swipes are needed to get the color on the skin.I have thick brow hair so I do not need dark color but those who have very light brow hair might not enjoy much because they have to work hard with this.

Staying power:The staying power is pretty average 4 to 5 hours,it is waterproof but if rubbed the colors vanish.It can stay longer if set with  brow powder or eyeshadow.

Below is the picture taken before (left) applying the product and after (right)

Lets quickly summarise the PROS and CONS:


  1. Affordable and easily available.
  2. Spoolie  provided
  3. Waterproof
  4. Dual Colors


  1. Less pigmented
  2. Low staying power
  3. Not suitable for people with light and sparse brows.

Rating :3/5

Conclusion: This Sivanna product does not impressed me much but it is pretty workable for me and I can use it to give my brow some shape and shade but girls with light brows might not enjoy it much.I will not repurchase it rather I will try some other brow product.

Thank you so much for reading










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