How to apply liquid lipstick like a Pro


Hey everyone,

Today I am going to talk about how to apply liquid lipsticks.Liquid lipstick are a huge trend right now and I thought it would be a great idea to share some tips and tricks on how to apply liquid lipsticks.We all love liquid lipsticks for so many reasons but the application is a lit bit tricky especially with those lipsticks which are thin in texture and dries very quickly.DSC03439So lets begin.

  1. Moisturise and exfoliate the lips -It is THE most important tip because liquid lipsticks are drying and it accentuate dry patches on the lips which gives a ugly finish.Moisturise your lips with a good hydrating lip balm and use a lip scrub to get rid off the dead skin.If you do not have a lip scrub then take a  wet toothbrush and massage it on your lips gently in circular motions.When  I have to attend a party at night I start to apply lip balm from the morning, reapply it many times I feel like to  get soft and plump lips at the time of applying makeup.In the picture below you can clearly see dead skin on lips.

    liquid lipstick applied on unexfoliated lips
  2. Do not press lips together when lipstick is wet -If you are habitual of pressing lips together after applying lipstick ,BEWARE because it can lead the lipstick to crumble.Most liquid lipsticks are transfer proof so wait a minute and let the lipstick dry completely then enjoy transfer proof matte finish.

    Rubbed lips together when the lipstick was wet
  3. Do not forget to line your lips with a lip liner– It is a good idea to line lips before applying liquid lipstick ,it will give you a sharp line and will give a beautiful finish.Do not apply lip liner after applying liquid lipstick as it will not blend into the lipstick.In the picture below I have applied liquid lipstick without lip liner and you can see the results.
  4. Do not apply too much in one go – If you want your liquid lipstick look good avoid applying too much product in one go.Too much product at one place can make the lips drier and application patchy.I always run my index finger after applying liquid lipstick to get the extra product off my lips.For some liquid lipstick which are thick like Sugar Smudge me not liquid lipsticks I prefer to use a small brush ,it helps to spread the product evenly.

    Liquid lipstick applied too much
  5. Do not forget inner part of the lips- Have you ever seen a line of lipstick in the inner part of the lips??This line can ruin your overall look.It looks pathetic.To avoid this situation run your index finger in the inner part of the lips as well.It is very important to see whether the lipstick has appropriate settled in the inner lips.It is always a good idea to line your lips if wearing darker shades.You can also take a creamy lipstick of the same shade to apply on the inner part of the lip.

    line at the inner part of the lip
  6. Be quick to correct mistakes – It is always a good idea to correct the mistakes you have made while applying the lipstick,it is more easier.If you find you make any mistake after the lipstick is set use a concealer to correct.
  7. Always start with the center of lips-Always start to apply lipstick from the center of the lower lip and then line the upper lip area below the cupid’s bow.Be careful while applying at the corners of the lips because it is the area we generally make mistake.Apply least product possible to the corners of the lips.


So these were my tips to apply liquid lipstick,I will love to know tips and tricks from you guys also.Hope it helped someone in anyway.

Thank you





3 thoughts on “How to apply liquid lipstick like a Pro

  1. These were really great tips! I do find liquid lipsticks to be a bit tricky to apply at times, I’m gonna be aware of those tips next 🙂 I do the tootbrush trick as well hahaha. I apply a thick lip balm before bed, and use the tootbrush in the morning. So soft, and no patchiness 🙂
    Beauty On A Budget

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