Bio Bloom Lip Balm Orange : Review

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to talk about a lip balm from Bio Bloom.Bio Bloom is an Indian Company which manufactures 100% organic products.I like the fact that there are many brands in India who sell 100 % organic and natural products.I am a lover of organic products .I know they work slowly and steadily but the part which I love about them is they are not going to harm your skin and body in any way.So,this balm is in Orange flavour,lets begin with my thoughts about the product now.DSC03569

Price : Rs 115 for 8ml.

Ingredients :

Orange essential oil,carrot essential oil,aloe vera gel,natural beeswax & cocoa butter,Virgin coconut oil,Vegetable glycerine,castor oil,citric acid,sodium benzoate.DSC03573

My thoughts about the Bio Bloom lip balm Orange

It comes in a round pot which is transparent and the lid is black.All the details about the products,ingredients,price,quantity is mentioned on the back side of the pot.The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.I prefer tube packaging lip balm as it is more convenient to reapply.The pot packaging is not only inconvenient to reapply but also it transfers bacteria into the pan every time I use it. The lip balm is white colored I was expecting it to be orange.The balm is thick and it smells like wax which I do not like.I was expecting  a orangy citrusy fresh smell but I was disappointed.The formula of the lip balm is very weird.It feels very thick and sticky and does not absorbs on to the lips.I feel all the product is sitting on my lips and when I eat or drink something it totally vanish.It also fails to moisturise my lips.I have tried it for many hours but did not get significant moisturisation .It also claims to reduce pigmentation from the lips but the formula is so bad that I do not wish to wear it often.It is disappointing that the product with so many useful ingredients does not work.I think there is a serious need to change the formula of the product.It is a total NO NO product from my side.The only positive point I see in the product is the ingredients list.It is surlely going to be in my products I never use list.DSC03574

DSC03576.JPGRating : 2/5

Lastly,I want to say that the formula, smell ,performance,packagingfails to impress me.It never worked for me and I never use it.

Hope you all like my review.Please share your experience with Bio Bloom products.If you have also tried this lip balm let me know in the comment section below.

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