Just Herbs Livelyclean Honey exfoliating face cleansing gel : Review

Hey everyone,

How are you all?Today I am going to talk about a product from Just Herbs.Just Herbs is an Indian brand which produce mainly Ayurveda inspired skincare products.I love natural and organic products and Just Herbs is an affordable option.The products are very good quality.The products are free from mineral oil,paraben,SLS ,SLES free.I have used its face mask and body wash and was very impressed.

Price : Rs 495 for 100 ml.This one is a 50 ml sample bottle.


Product Claims :

This foaming face cleansing gel is enriched with Neem, Holy Basil and Turmeric known for antiseptic properties. It provides gentle exfoliation with Arjuna, Symplocos bark and jojoba meal, banishes impurities from the clogged pores. It dissolves and eliminates dead epithelial cells exposing the tingling fresh clean skin beneath with the help of Orange peel. Gentle scrubbing stimulates blood circulation which detoxifies, oxygenates and activates skin immunity. Honey helps in maintaining moisture balance in the skin.

  • Contains certified organic Neem, Aloe Vera and Tulsi
  • Free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG, Genetically modified ingredients(GMO) and other synthetic ingredients
  • Note: Avoid using on active acneDSC03588DSC03589

My thoughts about the product

This is a cleansing gel with micro exfoliators. The actual full size bottle has pump dispenser which is very convenient for a runny product like this,however sample bottle which I got does not have a pump.The cleanser cum exfoliating gel is brown in color and looks like honey actually.The smell is like rose and kewda mixed together.The smell does not linger at all.It has fine exfoliating particles which are very gentle and not harsh on the skin at all.I used it on my damp face and massage in circular motions for a minute and rinse it with plain water.It rinses off very easily and never makes my skin dry.Honey is the base of the product which help to keep skin hydrated.Most of the exfoliating cleansers make my dry skin stretchy after washing but this one never did that.It has neem,tulsi,arjuna,ornage peel,honey etc.All these are magical for skin if used regularly. The consistency of the gel is neither too thick nor watery.It spreads on the face easily.It does not foam at all which is good for dry skin people like me.I have used it many times and I feel it make my skin clean and brighter.It removes all the dead skin cells hence,a glowy brighter skin.I am planning to buy full size of this once my current face wash is finished.I do not find any con of the product.If you are searching for a mild cleanser you can go for this.

Ratings  :5/5


Overall it is good cleansing gel with beneficial ingredients.It cleanses the skin gently.I do not know how it will work for oily skin girls but for dry skins it is a thumbs up product.


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