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NYX Born to Glow Dupe Miss Claire Born to Glow Illuminator base Gleam – Review and swatch

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to talk about very affordable liquid illuminator from Miss Claire.It is  a perfect copy of NYX Born to Glow liquid illuminator in terms of packaging ,shades etc.I got mine a few months ago and I totally to forget to review it.It is supposed to be mixed with foundation or applied directly on high points of the face.Read on to know more about this.

Price : Rs  300 to 500 depends from where you buy.I purchased it from an Insta store for 350


Product Claims : Light weight liquid illuminator that gives skin a refreshed glow and beautiful highlight.

Available in 6 shades.


My Thoughts about Miss Claire Born to Glow Illuminator Makeup Base

It comes in plastic tube with a nozzlee covered with a black cap.I have no issues with the packaging but NYX may have because it 100% copied.It is convenient to use and travel friendly. I have this in the shade Gleam.Gleam is a rose gold shade which when blended does not look too rose gold.It blends into the skin and only pinkish shine is left obviously a little goes a long way.Actually I wanted to order Shiny beige shade but it was out of stock so I picked this one.I will say I am not very happy with this shade.The formula is light weight easy to blend and does not feel heavy or something.I never mixed it with the foundation but I have applied it on my cheekbones and bridge of the nose.I can see some glitters after blending it which I do not like at all.Glitters are not very chunky but are more visible in artificial light.I do not have any other problem with this product except the glitters visible.If you want a subtle highlight ,you will be disappointed with this product.I am not a big fan of this product firstly because the shade which I got secondly it has glitters which become more prominent in artificial lights.If the shade was something complimenting my skin tone I would have make it work some how.


Overall,I will say I am not a huge fan of this product.The glow is not natural but glittery.I will suggest to buy shade which will compliment your skin tone if you really wanna try this.This colour on the cheekbones does not look flattering at all.The shade actually looks darker than my skin tone hence defeating the purpose of highlighting.

Blended with fingers( in artificial light)

Finally I will say  this product is a dupe of NYX liquid illuminators in product idea and packaging but they are not formula dupes.It looks pretty in the swatches but not so pretty in the face.I hope I have purchased beige shade .

Ratings 2.5/5

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