Food Habits which Indians need to quit for successful weight loss

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Today I am going to talk about weight management.Weight management is my favourite topic after beauty (obviously) and I love to read new articles about tips and tricks to lose weight.I love to know nutritional value of foods and its really important to know if you want to keep a check on your weight.I have heard so many people complaining that they are not able to lose weight,they are doing this doing that blah and blah and I think it is because they do not know what are they eating ?what is nutrition content of the food?.Some food habits are so deep rooted that we never realise that it is the thing which is ruining all our efforts.Read my post on tips for weight loss here 

Indian Diet is designed in such a way that we end up having more carbohydrate and fat.So we should always keep a check on carbohydrate and fat content in our food.Lets begin with some food habits Indian need to quit for succesful weight loss.

  1. Milk and Sugar Tea – I believe 90% of Indians take tea with milk and sugar at least twice a day.Tea in India’s favourite beverage.If you want to lose weight go either for black tea or green tea.Tea with milk and sugar adds 60 to 100 calories and it is not satisfying either.It does not have any nutritional value hence in order to lose weight successfully say NO to Tea.If you are habitual for having rusk,biscuit or bread with tea it is going to make the situation even worse.By having only two rusks or biscuits with your tea you are adding extra calories which are full of carbs and fat.Tea-Biscuits_999906c.jpg
  2. Breakfast  – Deep fried puris,aloo paratha,paratha  is the breakfast situation in most Indian Houses.We are habitual or having puris and parathas in breakfast .I too love aloo paratha and puri sabzi in breakfast but these are full of fats and carbs.1 whole wheat puri has 100 calories of this 30 percent is calories from fat.I believe that if I control my breakfast I control my whole day meals.So,try to quit these heavy breakfast instead go for dalia,oats,besan chilla or even normal roti sabzi can save you from indulging in too much calories.Untitled.png
  3. Healthy snacking is the key – I believe after breakfast evening snacks can really change your dieting goals.We Indian are habitual of having deep fried bhujias,namkeen,kachauri ,samosas as snacks.I also love these not gonna lie but these even in small quantity can hamper your calories goals.These are full of carbs and fat,they makes you hungry faster.So check what are you snacking on .Grab a fruit,make sprouts salad or even low fat yogurt with fruits can be a smart choice for snacks.
  4. Rice is the culprit– Rice is the staple Indian food.Rice is full of carbohydrates and rice after roti (Indian flat bread)can lead to too much carbohydrate in diet.The amount of carbohydrate present in rice is twice than roti (Indian flat bread).So try to avoid rice after roti in your meals.Brown rice is a healthy alternative but it also has high amount of carbohydrates .White rice has almost no fiber whereas brown rice wins by having fiber.Hence brown rice is considered a better alternate than white rice.32cbc9e7a6067143e3c5ff6f6d698dd6.jpg
  5. Amp up the salad game – We Indian are habitual of having onion,tomato and cucumber in salad.Typical Indian salad plate is limited to only certain veggies.We should try to include some more vegetables such as cabbage capsicum,carrots,spring onion in our salad.Try to include peanuts,flax seeds and sprouts in your everyday salad.Instead of having lemon juice or chat masala dressing try yogurt dressing.Make your salad interesting.Salads are low in calories and keep hunger at bay for longer time. Amp up your salad game and keep extra calories at bay.2010-11-14-palakpaneersalad 
    Typical Indian salad

    This is it guys.Hope you find it useful.

P.S I am not the owner of the above images.

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