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Makeup Revolution Soph X Ultra Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey everyone,

Makeup Revolution London always comes up with exciting stuff now and then.The quality is amazing ,the prices are affordable.But in India this brand is overly priced.Why makeup is so expensive in India??So,one of my brother was going to London so I requested him to get me some makeup revolution stuff from super drugs.I have more reviews lined up of the products which I got from London.This palette is a collaboration between Soph and makeup revolution.She is a you tuber and a part of makeup revolution team.This palette is not launched in India yet.She also released a highlighter palette but I never purchase highlighter palettes so I pass on that one.Read on to know more about the palette.


Product Claims:

“We have collaborated with the amazing SophDoesNails to bring you this stunning eyeshadow palette!”

The perfect mix of 14 matte and 10 shimmer eye shadows to create everything from a natural daytime look all the way up to full glam. The 24 versatile shades give you everything you need to create your look no matter what time of year, whether you’re looking for light shimmers, warm browns, rich golds, rusty oranges, dark smokey shades or even a pop of colour – this palette is for you! – Soph x

Price : It is priced at 10 GBP .It costs  somewhere between 800 to 900 INR.

Packaging– It comes in a peach outer cardboard which is designed by Soph herself.The actual palette is a plastic with a big mirror.The packaging is sturdy and it looks beautiful.It has Soph X written in rose gold colour in holographic letters.The shades names are written on a transparent sheet .Soph in her announcement video states that she has named the shades herself .DSC04600DSC04605

Pigmentation and staying power – All shades are decently pigmented .The mattes are soft and they blend nicely.The shimmers are beautiful and they look pretty on the eyes as well.I will not say these are the best eye shadows in the world but they good enough for the price.But I find Colour pop shadow more creamy and smooth .These do not have crazy fall out.The staying power is decent 6 to 8 hours which is good.DSC04603DSC04614

Shades : There are 10 shimmer and 14 matte eye shadows in the palette.The palette has wide range of colours from browns,orange,reds,peach ,pinks,dark browns and black.The shades are arranged very wisely.I really love the shade selection and numerous looks can be created using this palette.The shades are explained below:

  1.  Penguin – matte ivory
  2. Pancakes – matte creamy beige
  3. Fairy Lights – shimmery champagne
  4. Pink champagne- shimmery pale pink
  5. Iced coffee – matte beige for transition
  6. Cuppa Tea- matte warm beige again a transition colour
  7. Grow Old -shimmery bronze
  8. Sparks Fly – shimmery gold
  9. Smokey Bronze -shimmery smokey bronze
  10. Mixed Berries – shimmery magenta purple
  11. Tiramisu – matte caramel brown
  12. Peaches – matte peachy brown
  13. Cloud berry – matte dusty orange.It looks a bit glittery in the pan but the glitters are not noticeable when applied on eyes
  14. Pumpkin – matte bright orange
  15. Pine tree – stunning shimmery Olive green
  16. Petrol – Again a stunnng shimmery blackened blue shade.A unique shade
  17. Pug – matte grey brown
  18. Danger – matte brick red
  19. Strawberry sweets – matte strawberry pink
  20. Festive Flame-shimmery reddish copper
  21. Copper coin – shimmery copper
  22. Mug cake-neutral brown in a matte finish
  23. Rosewood – matte pinky brown
  24. Nightmare – matte black

I find darker matte shades more smooth and pigmented than the lighter matte shades.Some shimmer shades have more chunky glitter than the other.

First row From L to R with finger on bare skin


second row from L to R
Third row Lto R
Last row L to R

My Final Thoughts

I think it is a great palette if you if you love to create different eye looks.The colours are very diverse and quality is also decent.I hope they launch it in India soon.Soph’s highlighter palette is launched in India recently.I think it is good palette to have if you want to have one palette still want all sort of shades.I do not  find any major issue with the palette so I am happy with it.

Rating : 4.5/5

Hope you enjoy this .

Thank you




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