My current skincare routine for dry dehydrated skin using The Ordinary

Hey everyone;

Today I am going to talk about my current skincare routine using majorly The Ordinary products.I have heard so many great things about The Ordinary products so I thought I should also give it a try for my dry skin.I thought I need to do something for my skin as nothing was working because I was not following a particular skincare routine.The Ordinary have many products to cater different needs , it was very confusing to choose 2 or 3 products so I asked on their customer service email mentioning my skin concern s and they suggested me a routine using their products.So let’s talk about them one by one.

They suggested me only three products for a.m and p.m and one peeling mask to be used twice a week.

Cleanser – I use a mild SLS free face cleanser in the morning and at night.I have many so I keep changing different cleansers and all works fine.I think if you are following a routine regularly cleanser does not matter much but it has to be mild meant for dry skin and SLS free.I use Himalaya aloe and cucumber most of the time.

Toner– I am using Forest essential rose water toner and it is working good for my dry skin. I have done a complete review on my blog so please check that out.It is a decent toner.I use it a.m and p.m after cleanser.

Serum – I use Hyaluronic Acid 2 % +B5 after toner and massage until it get absorbs into the skin. My skin is loving it.I am following this routine for around one and half months now and yes all the dry patches are vanished. The skin looks plump and hydrated. I will do a detail review on it soon .This serum has to be applied both in the morning and night after toner.

Moisturizer– The team recommend me to use Natural moisturising factor + HA .It is a light weight non greasy moisturiser.I have used it alone (without Hyaluronic Acid) and it was effective and moisturised my skin very well. But it works great with Hyaluronic Acid.It is not very heavy or oily and get absorbs quickly. I am on my second tube already.

Aha 30 % bha 2% peeling solution This has to be applied twice a week at night after cleanser on a dry skin. I was most excited about this product. I have heard so many great things for this exfoliation mask.It is blood red in color. I was little afraid to use it in the beginning because I had never used acid on my skin and it has a little tickling sensation . However,I did a patch test before applying it on my face.It gives a little tinkling sensation but nothing to worry about.It is a peeling mask and sun protection is a must if you are using it.It make my skin very soft and clean.I gives skin a glow which stays for a day but it make pores clean and exfoliation has so many benefits.It is helpful in curing any bump or pimple . It is recommend to apply it for 10 minutes only.

So I will say if you have dry skin give this routine a try.The Ordinary products are very affordable and they work. Yes! they work.I am very glad with my skin these no more dry patches .Hello! smooth skin.But it is very necessary to stick to a routine if you are not following any skincare routine do it immediately.It will the best decision of your life.I am happy with the results and looking forward to see if this routine works fine in winter also.I will update my skincare routine for winter soon.

Hope you find it useful. Please leave any suggestions or queries.

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