Huda Beauty demi matte Catwalk killa: review and swatch

hey everyone,

Today I am going to share my thoughts about demi matte liquid lipstick by huda beauty.This is my first ever huda beauty product and it is not launched in India yet.I got it from Cult beauty during a promotion.I am very excited for this one.Huda beauty products are always hyped up in the beauty community.Some people love it some hate it.So lets see what are my thoughts about this product.

Price : 18 GBP and I got it for around 1000 as it was on sale plus free international shipping.

Product description

Huda Beauty Demi Matte is a bold Cream Lipstick showcasing a full spectrum of ultra-feminine colors to complement every one of your alter egos.

Packaging : Demi matte lipstick comes in a transparent plastic with same graphics as in liquid lipstick .The original product comes in an ombre clear plastic bottle with a black cap .The packaging feels luxe and looks beautiful.All huda beauty products have amazing packaging and this one is not an exception.It has a doe foot applicator which makes the application easy.

Shade : The shade Cat walk killa is described as charmismatic purple with brown hues.It is a pink with strong purple undertones.This shade was not patchy and applies evenly.It is a nice color and it will suit all skin tones.It is a stunning shade and I love it.

Texture,staying power and finish – Huda beauty demi mattes has a thick consistency and it is very pigmented .It looks like a gloss and a little cooling sensation is felt upon application.It feels quite comfortable and hydrating on lips.It has a satin finish like Colourpop Ultra satin .You can blot it to reduce shine or if you like glossy lips you can apply more to increase the shine.It is not transfer proof but it does not affect the intensity of the color.Cat walk killa is a dark shade so even after transferring it does not fade completely.The shade leaves a pink tint on the lips after removing .I love semi matte finish so love this product.It stays for around 4 hours with snacking but it needs to be reapplied after a meal.It is not absolutely long wearing but it has an average staying power.I cannot comment about the longevity of lighter colors because I do not have any nude shade from the range . I have seen some reviews and light colors have less staying power than dark colors so keep that in mind.

Lets sum up the PROS and CONS


  • Comfortable formula
  • Great pigmentaion and colors
  • Luxe packaging
  • variety of colors


  • High price
  • Not transfer proof
  • Not available in India

Finally,I will say I really enjoy Huda beauty demi mattes but it is not an exceptional formula .If you are a Huda beauty fan you can try it but it is a bit over priced in my opinion.Many brands have made formula like this.I hope the prices were not so steep.But if you love high end makeup and luxe packaging you will love it.Catwalk killa is a stunning shade and unique to my collection so I am glad to have it in my collection.

Hope you enjoy the post

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