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Review of Deyga Organics Rose and Mulethi skin brightening face pack

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog! I hope you all are good .Today I am here to share my thoughts about a face pack which I have been using from some time ,it is from the brand Deyga Organics. Deyga Organics is an Indian brand based in Tamil Nadu .It has variety of skincare ,haircare and baby care products. The most exciting about this brand is that it is chemical free, na tural, organic and hand crafted. I always love such brands and Deyga Organics has an impressive line of products. So lets continue with my thoughts and opinions about Rose and Mulethi face pack.

Product Description :

Made with powerful ingredients such as rose and mulethi, our natural face pack is the perfect way to rejuvenate dull, lifeless skin. It nourishes the skin using the power of natural ingredients and provides a healthy, bright glow. This face pack can also help even the skin tone and provide a nourished, soft, and supple feeling to the skin.

Price : 490 INR for 200 ml

My thoughts about Deyga Organics Rose and Mulethi face pack

Packaging : It comes in a outer plastic box with the brand name and a label with the note “Made with love Arthi Raghuram” which is a cute gesture. The actual product comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a steel lid. All the details about the product, ingredients, usage etc are clearly mentioned on the label. I think a little wooden spoon can be a great addition and useful too.

Texture and smell : The face pack is in powder from and it can be mixed with milk, rose water or any other liquid as per one’s own requirement.It contains crushed rose petals,oat meal and mulethi as the base ingredients.The powder is neither too coarse nor too fine .It has a perfect texture and when mixed with milk it turns little pinkish because of the rose petals. It has an earthy smell which is very subtle and even sensitive nose can tolerate . I like to mix it with milk and leave it to do magic on my skin for 15 to 20 minutes until it is not completely dry and rinse off with water rubbing in circular motions. It also acts a mild exfoliator which gives a brightening effect.

Performance on my skin : I have a dry skin and after using this religiously for 3 weeks every alternate days I can say my skin is loving this face pack. It does not overly dry my skin because it has skin cherishing essential oils and mulethi which is helpful in nourishing dry and flaky skin. Oatmeal gently removes dead skin resulting in a clear skin.The face pack does not suck moisture from skin which is great in my opinion. It gives a brighter and clean skin ,what else you need from a face pack. It makes my skin soft and provides beautiful glow. It is carefully formulated for dry skin and it does the job .I do not have spots or pigmentation on my skin so cannot comment on that claim but if you are searching for a natural, cruelty free ,chemical free face pack for dry skin this can be great choice.

I am really impressed with this face pack and will definitely try other products from their range. They have various products for different skin types. Moreover, I always say it is very important to establish a skincare routine and follow it regularly to maintain its effect and it is beneficial for the skin in the long run.

I hope you find this post useful.Please share your thoughts and queries in the comments

Thank you.

Disclaimer : Product was kindly send by the brand however my review is 100 percent honest.

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