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Makeup Revolution Redemption Acid Brights Palette : Review & Swatches

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to talk about another palette from Makeup Revolution London.This is my third palette from the brand and many more are in my wish list.These are very affordable and specially when on discount.The only reason to purchase this palette was the presence of purple,orange and berry toned magenta shades in the palette.Ever since the launch of Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette orange and magenta colors are so much in trend.As ABH palette is really expensive in India so I am always in search of palettes with similar colors. This palette has many neon shades which I am not going to use,some of you might use them but I am not courageous enough to wear such colors. Still I bought it because it was on discount and except 2 or 3 colors all colors can be used.

Price Rs 1200 .I got it for Rs 450 from an insta seller.


DSC03633DSC03626DSC03628My thoughts about Acid Bright Palette

The product comes in a sleek bar type palette. The brand name is printed in the front of the palette.The packaging is travel friendly and it has all the details and ingredients of the product at the back of the palette. It comes with a dual ended sponge tip applicator. It contains 12  eye shadows  both in matte and metallic finish. These eye shadows are perfect for creating  bold,bright and sultry smokey looks.  The eye shadows do not have any names.All shades are soft and smooth and can be easily worked on and blended. It is advisable to apply eye shadow primer for best colour payoff and prevent creasing. These shadows stay for 7 to 8 hours with primer and 4 to 5 hours without primer after which it starts to fade. These shadows have minimum fall outs and kick back.This palette is a very close dupe of Sleek Acid palette.The shimmers are very soft and pigmented however some matte colors are a bit chalky,but it can be make workable by layering on a few times.Purple is the least pigmented eye shadow as u can see in the swatches also.I have numbered the eyeshadows from left to right for the purpose of explaining.

  1. Berry toned magenta (matte)
  2. White (matte)
  3. Neon green (matte)
  4. Neon Orange (matte)
  5. Cobalt blue (shimmer)
  6. Aqua blue (shimmer)
  7. Pinky purple (matte)
  8. Khaki Gree (matte)
  9. Neon pink (matte)
  10. Neon green (matte)
  11. Silver Grey (shimmer)
  12. Black (matte)



  • Affordable and Travel friendly
  • Good for beginners
  • Easily blendable
  • Easily available
  • Shimmers are pretty



  • Matte shades are a bit chalky
  • Staying power without primer is not good.
  • Packaging not comparable with high end brands.
  • Contains parabens
  • No mirror

Rating – 4/5

Overall it is a great buy for beginners who want to play with bold bright colors.It is a nice palette for the price.The shadows are not top quality but not bad either.The shadows are blendable and workable.


Thank you for reading.

Please let me know your thoughts about the palette in the comment section.


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Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Brown : Review & Swatches

Hey everyone,

I love wearing brown kajal during day time and a brown kajal is staple in my vanity.I love how brown kajal defines eyes without making it too obvious.I am going to review Lakme eyeconic brown kajal. This is among those products which I have repurchsed. Indian market have a few brown kajals and it is a good affordable option.Lets begin with the review now.DSC03349

Price  Rs 250 for 0.35 grams.

Product description

  • 10 Hr.
  • No smudging.
  • Waterproof.
  • Dermatologically tested.

My thoughts about the product :

The kajal comes in a sleek black colored twist up pencil.The pencil and the cap both are black in color.It is travel friendly and very convenient to use.It is safe to carry it in purse.The cap perfectly fits the pencil.It comes in five different shades which is very impressive.It is cocoa brown kajal with a matte finish.It is very pigmented and smooth when applied.It works pretty well on both upper and lower lid.It does not smudge easily so if you want that smudged look, be quick.It is creamy and does not tug or pull on the lids.The staying power is good it stays for around 5 to 6 hours on the lower lashline and 3 to 4 hours on upper lid.It is waterproof.If you want to increase the longevity you can set it with a dark brown eye shadow.It is very affordable and easily available both online and offline.This is my second pencil, I love everything about it. Only con I think is that it does not live to the claim of 10 hours stay.I will definitely repurchase it once this gets over.

Rating :5/5DSC03348DSC03352


Overall,I really like this product and recommend everyone to buy it.

Thank you so much





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My travel essentials

Today I am going to share with you all the products which I love to carry when I am travelling.The products in the list are base products and does not include eyeshadow palette and lip colors because they tends to change for the occassion I am travelling.For example If I am travelling for a marriage ceremony the eyemakeup and lip color will depened upon the dress I am going to wear.The list include those products which are a must have in my travel bag.So lets begin:

  1. Maybelline Dream Lumi touch highlighting concealer– I use it in the shade Honey which is  perfect match for me.It gives a decent coverage and brightens up the face.I mostly skip foundation when I apply this because it does a pretty good job to make my skin even.I love how my skin looks after using this.

    Maybelline Dream  Touch concealer
  2. Lakme eyeconic kajal Brown – I like to use brown kajal during daytime,it looks more natural and can go with any lip color.This is my second kajal and my favourite in terms of formula and color.DSC03348
  3. Maybelline Drama gel eyeliner-This is a super creamy and long wearing gel eyeliner.I always use it draw wing eyeliner or as a base for my smokey eye.It is travel friendly and a little goes a long way.DSC03350
  4. Sivanna Colors face and cheek palette – This multi purpose face palette is my favourite when I am travelling. This palette fulfills my need of blush,contour and compact needs.I use the “GLOW” pan to set my concealer as it brighten up the area and set my concealer too.I reviewed it here.20170630_141053
  5. Wet n wild Color Icon Bronzer Reserve your Cabanna – This is a subtle highlighter and I love to carry it because it looks beautiful both during day and light,with this highlight no one carry go wrong .The powder is creamy and fine milled.I reviewed it here.wet n wild


P.S I am not the owner of the above pic.

So,these are my travel essential products .Hope you like it.


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Makeup I regret buying or never use

Hi everyone,

I am trying to bring versatility to my blog post so I decided to some different and fun post rather than  review of products .I love to try new makeup and every new launch excites me but I always do a thorough research before buying any product but sometimes we tends to buy products which does not work for us.So,in today’s post I am going to talk about makeup which I never use or regret buying.Some products in the post are good quality and highly raved but these does not work for me as the shade doesnot match my skintone or my skin type.Lets get started:

  1. Oriflame Eternal Gloss, Kiss me Coral – I love the shade of this gloss but the formula is very weird .It is sticky and the stickiness stays even after removing the product which I hate.The shimmers are chunky and sits on lips which is hard to remove.DSC03309
  2. Blue Heaven Fashion waterproof Mascara – I was in urgent need of mascara and went to my local shop to buy Maybelline mascara but it was not available and the only option I was left with was this .This mascara does nothing to the lashes I have to do ten coats of it to  get a little volume and curl.Even though it says it is waterproof but it is not,which is kinda disappointing.DSC03306
  3. Miss claire Born to Glow Illuminator Makeup Base ,Gleam – I have love and hate relation with this product so I am always hesitant to use this,it is said makeup base but I find it too shimmery to be used all over the face.I cannot think of mixing it with my foundation as the shade I have will not go well with my skin tone.The only way I find it workable is that to dab a little on high points of cheeks.In short,I have not found the right way to use it,I am confused for this one may be because of the shade.DSC03300
  4. Colorbar Velvet Matte lipstick – I purchased this one because there are so many reveiws praising it and it was pretty affordable too but sadly I do not use it often.I hate its smell,it settles into fine lines and it stains badly.I have other options in my vanity which are far better than this.
  5. Maybelline Dream Mousse foundation – The product is awesome but I got a wrong shade I purchased Light 1 which is too light for me and it has pink undertone.I got confused at the counter and picked the wrong shade.I am very sad for this one.DSC03310
  6. Lollipops Paris Anti Cernes Concealer in  Biscuit – I got this in my fab bag .The shade is dark for me, it does nothing to hide pigmentation or even out skin.It settles into fine lines and the application is steaky. It is the by far the worst product in my  vanity.DSC03308

So with this we come to the end of my regret buying makeup list.I hope you enjoy it and it helps you in any way.Please comment and let me know your thoughts about this post.

thanks for reading



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Anti Haul – Things that I am not going to buy Vol 1


Hello pretty ladies,

How are you all?I am not able to blog regularly due to some personal reason but I was missing blogging so much that I thought I am going to post something .I am not going to review any makeup or skincare but today I am going to talk about Anti Haul.Kimberly Clark is the one who introduced this concept.Recently Shreya Jain also did a an anti haul video.I found the concept very interesting so I thought I should also do an anti haul post.Anti Haul basically means things which I am not going to buy.It does not means that the products are bad quality or something but I have my own personal reasons for not buying them.So lets begin :

  1. Lakme 9 to 5 primer + matte lipstick – These were launched some days ago and I do not find a single reason to buy them.They are nothing but the old 9 to 5 lipsticks even the shades are exactly same,names are same even the packaging is same the only difference is the primer part.I already have 9 to 5 matte lipsticks I love them and I do not find them drying, so no point of purchasing .Lakme-9-to-5-Primer-Matte-Lip-Color-2.jpg
  2. Nykaa GLAMOReyes eye pencil – Nykaa recently launched their colored eye pencils.They come in different colors and formula is also very much appreciated by the bloggers.They come in five different shades.But I think that I do not need to buy these because I have Maybelline eye drama gel eye pencils which are superrrr quality and price is also very much similar. Maybelline one has  diverse colour options like nude,purple,brown where as Nykaa ones have only blue,green,teal and grey.So,I can easily pass these.anti haulll.pngkk
  3. Colour pop Gimme more Highlighter Palette – Colour pop recently launched their highlighter palette,very affordable and beautiful colors but I think I have enough highlighters and I do not use them daily.I have highlighters from the Carli Bybel palette ,Wet n wild one( review here) and Odbo sweet hearts also.So,no point of hoarding another whole palette of highlighter which will last  forever.anti haul.png         
  4. Metallic liquid lipsticks – Huda Khattan’s recent launch is lip strobe which is nothing but metallic liquid lipstick.I am not very much excited for this launch,my matte lipstick phase is not over yet.I donno why but I am not attracted towards metallic liquid lipsticks.Other brands such as Colour pop,Milani,Jouer Cosmetics,Kylie Cosmetics also launched their metallic liquid lipsticks.I am not sure whether I am gonna buy them in future but for now a big NO to these metallic liquid lipsticks. 

  5. Powder Contour and Cream contour Palettes – I do makeup on my self and purchasing a whole palette for my use only is a foolish idea because I am going to use only one or two shade which will suit me  and all other shades will never be used so,it is better to invest in a good single contour product rather than a whole palette which will never be used properly.So,I am not going to spend on a contour palette unles it is very affordable,like I came acros Odbo contour palette which was for Rs 450 only.I might think to buy Odbo one but not PAC contour Palette,Kat Von D shades n light,Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette etc etc etcsss.

This was my first anti haul post.Anti hauls are fun and it gives makeup hoarders like me reasons not to buy a makeup. It is so satisfying ahhh…….lol

I hope you all enjoy my anti haul .Please comment and share your thoughts as well

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How to fix broken powder makeup

Hello everybody,

Today I am going to talk about a hack to fix broken eyeshadow,compact,bronzer or highlighter.It is a nightmare to see broken makeup.It is really disheartening when you break a makeup.I can feel the pain deep in my heart when I see my darling all shattered and crumbled.I never broke any makeup (touch wood) but recently I ordered a bronzer which came broken.I asked my best friend “Google” and find some ways to fix it. I ordered Wet n wild bronzer in Reserve your Cabbana which came broken. I am not going into that sad story of the courier company’s faulty system, neither I got a replacement nor refund.Lets quickly find what the hack is.



You will need:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol or surgurical spirit.
  2. Tissue paper
  3. A flat round cap or fingers.


bronzer fixed using rubbing alcohol


Firstly,take out all the broken pieces of the powder on tissue paper and smash it like loose powder.

Secondly, then keep the powder back into the pan and spread it.Pour some drops of rubbing alcohol on the powder so that it is wet.

Lastly,keep a tissue paper on the wet makeup ,press and set it with a flat round thing.Pat gently so that it sets evenly.Leave it overnight.

VOILA your makeup is ready to use.

Please share your tips and recommendations to fix broken makeup.


thank for reading


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Sivanna Colors Cheek & Contour Palette 03 : Review & Swatches

Hey everyone,

How are you all? I am going to talk about Sivanna Colors cheek and contour palette. If you dont know about Sivanna Colors read here . I purchased it from an insta seller named charis enterprise,they have a lot of sivanna makeup.I like Sivanna makeup because they are quality and affordable .They have a large variety of makeup from eyeshadows to lipsticks,highlighters etc etc.I decided to purchase this product as it is good when you are on the go and dont want to carry different blush contour and compact.Lets quickly move on to the review.

Price :  Rs 360.







Review of Sivanna Colors Cheek and Contour Palette

The palette comes in a black cardboard packaging with a see through upper portion and the back portion has all the ingredients and details of company.The actual product is housed in sturdy black plastic case,it a transparent lid and at the back the shade number is written.It is travel friendly .It comes in four different shades.The palette has four pans two of them are blushers,one is contour and one is compact ,it is written glow on the pan but it is matte so I use it to set my under eye area and all the concealed areas. All the four shades are matte .I find that the contour shade is a little dark for me so make it workable I use a very light hand on the pan so that I get the least color.The blushes are matte pink and matte peach.All the colors are smooth and pigmented they are not chalky what so ever.They last for 6 hours on me which is decent amount of time.I wish that the highlight shade had some shimmers.The only drawback I think is that it does not have a proper highlight shade.The thing which I love about it is that it is travel friendly and one palette caters to the requirements of blush,contour and compact (for me) highlight for no one I think.


swatches from top to bottom

Rating : 4/5 ( one mark less for no good highlight )

Conclusion : I like this Sivanna cheek and contour  palette because it is affordable and decent quality.This is my first face palette and I highly recommend this to those who are on a budget or makeup lovers who love to test new makeup.But before buying see properly  that the contour shade is matching your skintone,enquire from seller thoroughly then only place order.

Thank you so much for reading