Review of Deyga Hair growth Oil

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How are you all ? I am back with another review and this time it is a hair oil .It is from a brand called Deyga Organics. It is an Indian brand based in Tamil Nadu. They have a variety of skincare, haircare and baby care products. The brand is cruelty free, chemical free and organic .All the products are handcrafted and natural.This hair oil intrigued me because of its impressive ingredient list and attractive claims. I am always attracted towards brands who are chemical free,organic and reflect Indian culture in their products.So lets talk about this product in detail and my experience with this.

Product description :

Our rejuvenating formula strengthens thin and limp hair resulting in noticeably thicker, fuller and healthier locks. It helps reduce frizz and breakage, making the hair smoother and shinier.

Deyga’s Hair Growth Oil is infused with pure natural oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, and grapeseed oil. It has been formulated with Hibiscus and fenugreek, two potent ingredients that help stimulate hair growth. Massaging your scalp with our hair Growth Oil, using the carefully designed root applicator can help the oil penetrate evenly into the scalp. This can effectively help reduce hair loss, control dandruff, reduce itchiness, and make hair glossy and voluminous.


  • Promotes growth of thick, healthy hair
  • Reduces blow-drying time
  • Adds shine and lustre to hair
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Softens and detangles hair
  • Free of additives

Price : 600 INR for 100 ml

My Thoughts about Deyga Organics Hair Growth Oil

Deyga Hair growth oil comes in a cylindrical plastic bottle with a cap and an additional tooth comb is given which is very convenient and helps the product to reach the roots of the hair.The packaging is very simple with all the information like ingredients, usage,shelf life etc mentioned on it.The oil is red in color and smells like coconuts. The texture of the oil is light weight and love the fact it does not have a strong smell.It conatins methi seeds,hibsicus flower,castor oil and many other ingredients which are proven effective in preventing hair loss.

I like to apply it at night and wash next day.I love the fact it is very easy to remove unlike some ayurvedic oils which are a pain to remove.It makes my hair soft and adds a beautiful bounce to them.After using it for a month now I can notice my hair are healthy and it is effective in controlling hair fall. I like to massgae this oil for some time to boost blood circulation which is also important for healthy hair.
This oil is free from colors ,preservative or mineral oil which is an added bonus.The beautiful red color is because of the hibiscus flowers which is among the main ingredients.It has castor oil ,curry leaves and rosemary oil

Let’s summarise it’s pros and cons


  1. light weight texture and subtle smell
  2. chemical free ,natural and organic
  3. makes the hair soft and nourished
  4. convenient applicator and easy to wash
  5. adds a beautiful bounce to hair


  1. It is a bit expensive because if you use twice a week it will get over soon.

That it guys .

Hope you find my review helpful.Please share your thoughts and queries in the comment section.

Disclaimer : Product was sent by the brand but it does not affect my opinion in any way.

Take care


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Beauty Glazed Mars Palette review.Is it a dupe for Huda beauty Ruby Obsessions?

Hey everyone,

I am back with another eyeshadow palette review.My love for eyeshadows is never ending and cannot stop myself from buying different palettes.Beauty Glazed is an affordable brand which is becoming popular these days.They are usually sold on Aliexpress or amazon.They are very affordable and are popular for duping high end products.I spot this at aliexpress and found them very similar to Huda beauty Gem stone obsessions series of small palettes.They have a red,blue ,emerald and purple themed 9 shadow pans .I picked the red one which is called Mars.

Price : I got it for 250 on aliexpress.

My take on the Product

Packaging : It comes in a cardboard packaging with the brand name and name of the palette written at the front and it has red details and borders going on as it is red themed palette.It does not have mirror.It is light weight and sleek.It is very convenient for travel .Overall,the packaging is average but considering the price cannot complain.

Shades : It has nine shadows .There are five matte shadows and four shimmer shadows.The shades range from peach,coral,hot pink and maroon.It also has a deep shimmery bronze for creating depth to an eye look.The palette lacks a deep dark matte color for creating depth but the shimmery darkest shade can do the job.I tried it to create depth on the outer corners and it worked fine.The palette will not give variety of looks as it is red themed palette so keep that in mind.The shadows are soft but a bit powdery and they have a little fallout.

Texture ,staying power and pigmentation:  The shadows are smooth to touch.The mattes are creamy and they are packed with pigments.Each and every matte color blends nicely and is true to its color as in the pan.The shimmer shades initially feels hard but once the top layer is removed it is creamy and feels like it has an oily base which makes it look very foil on the lids.The formula for shimmer is different from usual palettes.the staying power is 5 to 6 hours which is decent in my point of view.

Is it a Huda beauty Ruby Obsessions Dupe?

I do not have Ruby Obsessions so cannot compare them side by side but I have seen many swatches and videos online.I can say that has similar color scheme.Some shades like first one in the second row is more deep in Huda’s palette,second shade in second row is a bit different and third shade in second row has a black base with red shimmers.So,in my opinion the colors are not 100% similar but the idea behind this palette is very much inspired by Huda’s ruby obsessions palette.The first and last rows are almost same as Huda’s palette.
In a nutshell it is not a bang on dupe but the color scheme,idea and thought behind the palette is same. You can get similar kinds of looks with these palettes.If you are on a budget or Huda beauty is not available in your country and you what to have a palette with the same color family,it is a good option.The quality for the price is amazing and you will not regret buying this.It is definitely a stand out palette in my collection.The colors are bright and a bit different.
If you are searching for an affordable huda beauty ruby replacement.,this is a good option to go.

Ratings : 4/5

I hope you find it useful.Thank you for visiting


Colourpop Dream Street Eyeshadow palette review

hey everyone,

Today I am here to share my thoughts about another product from my favourite brand Colourpop.I purchased this during Black friday sale and free international shipping promotion.I own Yes Please palette by Colourpop and love formula of it.Dream Street eyeshadow palette is a result of collaboration between Colourpop and Kathleen lights.It was on my wishlist since it was launch and Black friday was the best time to grab it.Lets get into the review now.

Price : 16 USD around 1100 INR

Product description :
Don’t blink, even for a second! You don’t want to miss our dreamiest palette yet. Super versatile warm toned nudes with rich pops of colour can take your look from heavenly to out of this world in only a few swipes. Mattes, metallics, satins – every shadow is buttery soft and so easy to blend. Think you can find a better palette? Dream on.

My thoughts about Colourpop Dream Street Eyeshadow Palette

Packaging : It comes in a nude and rose gold colored outer cardboard packaging.The outer cover looks pretty.The palette is palm sized and good for travelling.It does not have a mirror  and brush so it is light weight and sleek.The name of the shades are mentioned at the back as wells as on the palette .I love the packaging of this palette.


Pigmentation and texture : All the eye shadows are pigmented and one swipe is enough to get the maximum payoff.The shadows are buttery soft and feels creamy.All mattes and shimmers are easy to blend.The blend beautifully on top of each other.Shimmers look stunning and looks foiled.The shade kaleidoscope is a duo chrome silver with a green flip.The teal shades are gorgeous.This palette can give numerous looks from soft neutrals to smokey to pop of colors.

Staying power : The shadows are really long lasting .They stays for 8 to 10 hours without primer and with primer the lasting power can be incredible.I used it with some concealer on my eyelids as a base.They do not  crease on me.

Shades –  The palette has 6 matte ,5 shimmer and one satin.It has a good mixture of mattes and shimmers.I love good number of mattes in an eyeshadow palette and this one doesnot disappoint .The description of each shade is given below:
Shooting Star: matte soft golden brown
Magical: matte yellow peach
Star Dust: metallic true copper
Twinkle: metallic true rose gold
Sweet Dreams: metallic soft champagne with a peachy pink flip
Water Bearer: matte cool teal
Potion: matte vivid reddish rust
Spark: matte neon pinky red
Kaleidoscope: metallic intense silvery nude( It has a blue shift)
Elfish: matte rich red brown
Moony: satin soft baby pink (perfect brow bone highlight)
Mermaid Boy: metallic deep teal


  • Cute packaging
  • Pigmented shadows
  • Easy blendable
  • Beautiful colours
  • Good staying power
  • Affordable


  • No mirror and brush
  • Availability in India

Ratings : 5/5

Overall thoughts

This palette is a must buy if you love Colourpop eyeshadows.They are great quality and colors are beautiful.It can give many looks ,there is so much to do with this palette.The color selection is great.I totally recommend this eyeshadow palette.


Huda Beauty demi matte Catwalk killa: review and swatch

hey everyone,

Today I am going to share my thoughts about demi matte liquid lipstick by huda beauty.This is my first ever huda beauty product and it is not launched in India yet.I got it from Cult beauty during a promotion.I am very excited for this one.Huda beauty products are always hyped up in the beauty community.Some people love it some hate it.So lets see what are my thoughts about this product.

Price : 18 GBP and I got it for around 1000 as it was on sale plus free international shipping.

Product description

Huda Beauty Demi Matte is a bold Cream Lipstick showcasing a full spectrum of ultra-feminine colors to complement every one of your alter egos.

Packaging : Demi matte lipstick comes in a transparent plastic with same graphics as in liquid lipstick .The original product comes in an ombre clear plastic bottle with a black cap .The packaging feels luxe and looks beautiful.All huda beauty products have amazing packaging and this one is not an exception.It has a doe foot applicator which makes the application easy.

Shade : The shade Cat walk killa is described as charmismatic purple with brown hues.It is a pink with strong purple undertones.This shade was not patchy and applies evenly.It is a nice color and it will suit all skin tones.It is a stunning shade and I love it.

Texture,staying power and finish – Huda beauty demi mattes has a thick consistency and it is very pigmented .It looks like a gloss and a little cooling sensation is felt upon application.It feels quite comfortable and hydrating on lips.It has a satin finish like Colourpop Ultra satin .You can blot it to reduce shine or if you like glossy lips you can apply more to increase the shine.It is not transfer proof but it does not affect the intensity of the color.Cat walk killa is a dark shade so even after transferring it does not fade completely.The shade leaves a pink tint on the lips after removing .I love semi matte finish so love this product.It stays for around 4 hours with snacking but it needs to be reapplied after a meal.It is not absolutely long wearing but it has an average staying power.I cannot comment about the longevity of lighter colors because I do not have any nude shade from the range . I have seen some reviews and light colors have less staying power than dark colors so keep that in mind.

Lets sum up the PROS and CONS


  • Comfortable formula
  • Great pigmentaion and colors
  • Luxe packaging
  • variety of colors


  • High price
  • Not transfer proof
  • Not available in India

Finally,I will say I really enjoy Huda beauty demi mattes but it is not an exceptional formula .If you are a Huda beauty fan you can try it but it is a bit over priced in my opinion.Many brands have made formula like this.I hope the prices were not so steep.But if you love high end makeup and luxe packaging you will love it.Catwalk killa is a stunning shade and unique to my collection so I am glad to have it in my collection.

Hope you enjoy the post

Thank you so much for stopping .



My current skincare routine for dry dehydrated skin using The Ordinary

Hey everyone;

Today I am going to talk about my current skincare routine using majorly The Ordinary products.I have heard so many great things about The Ordinary products so I thought I should also give it a try for my dry skin.I thought I need to do something for my skin as nothing was working because I was not following a particular skincare routine.The Ordinary have many products to cater different needs , it was very confusing to choose 2 or 3 products so I asked on their customer service email mentioning my skin concern s and they suggested me a routine using their products.So let’s talk about them one by one.

They suggested me only three products for a.m and p.m and one peeling mask to be used twice a week.

Cleanser – I use a mild SLS free face cleanser in the morning and at night.I have many so I keep changing different cleansers and all works fine.I think if you are following a routine regularly cleanser does not matter much but it has to be mild meant for dry skin and SLS free.I use Himalaya aloe and cucumber most of the time.

Toner– I am using Forest essential rose water toner and it is working good for my dry skin. I have done a complete review on my blog so please check that out.It is a decent toner.I use it a.m and p.m after cleanser.

Serum – I use Hyaluronic Acid 2 % +B5 after toner and massage until it get absorbs into the skin. My skin is loving it.I am following this routine for around one and half months now and yes all the dry patches are vanished. The skin looks plump and hydrated. I will do a detail review on it soon .This serum has to be applied both in the morning and night after toner.

Moisturizer– The team recommend me to use Natural moisturising factor + HA .It is a light weight non greasy moisturiser.I have used it alone (without Hyaluronic Acid) and it was effective and moisturised my skin very well. But it works great with Hyaluronic Acid.It is not very heavy or oily and get absorbs quickly. I am on my second tube already.

Aha 30 % bha 2% peeling solution This has to be applied twice a week at night after cleanser on a dry skin. I was most excited about this product. I have heard so many great things for this exfoliation mask.It is blood red in color. I was little afraid to use it in the beginning because I had never used acid on my skin and it has a little tickling sensation . However,I did a patch test before applying it on my face.It gives a little tinkling sensation but nothing to worry about.It is a peeling mask and sun protection is a must if you are using it.It make my skin very soft and clean.I gives skin a glow which stays for a day but it make pores clean and exfoliation has so many benefits.It is helpful in curing any bump or pimple . It is recommend to apply it for 10 minutes only.

So I will say if you have dry skin give this routine a try.The Ordinary products are very affordable and they work. Yes! they work.I am very glad with my skin these no more dry patches .Hello! smooth skin.But it is very necessary to stick to a routine if you are not following any skincare routine do it immediately.It will the best decision of your life.I am happy with the results and looking forward to see if this routine works fine in winter also.I will update my skincare routine for winter soon.

Hope you find it useful. Please leave any suggestions or queries.

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Colourpop Lippie Stix Brink and Cami : Review & Swatches

Hi peeps,

I am back again with a Colourpop review and this time we will discuss about their lippie stixs. Colourpop was running a BOGO offer on their lippie stixs so I have to avail the offer.BOGO offers are amazing .I never miss them and Colourpop keep bringing these tempting deals now and then.Brink was in my wishlist for so long so I ordered Brink and Cami. Read on to know more.


Price : I got it for Rs 300 each plus shipping.

Product Claims :

Lippie Stix Formula contains Vitamin E, Mango, Avocado, and Shea butter for added comfort and moisture. None of our Lippie formulas contain any nasty ingredients like Parabens or Sulfates.

Matte Full-coverage lipstick that is super long-wearing, ultra comfortable, and loaded with pigment

Matte X Full-coverage, SUPER matte lipstick (think liquid lip status) with a very unique, lightweight, and velvety feel.


My thoughts about Colourpop lippie stix 

Packaging : It comes in a white coloured retractable packaging.It has a white cap  and shade name is mentioned at the bottom of the lippie stix.I found lippie stix smaller than Ultra matte and satin lipsticks.The packaging is nice,light weight and travel friendly.




Shades :Brink is a rosey terracota shade. .It will suit all skin tones.It is a matte finish


Brink( top) Cami (Bottom)

       Cami is Matte X finish and it is a cool toned mauve color.It will also suit all skins.

Both the colours are suitable for everyday and office wear.

Formula and staying power : The formula is velvet matte and light weight on lips.These are not as drying as ultra matte and it can cover dry patches but it is always a good idea to moisturise the lips.It is very pigmented and single swipe is enough to cover lip completely.However,they are not transfer proof.It is best for those who are not habitual of wearing liquid lipsticks but love the finish.It give same finish but with comfort and hydration.It stays for 4 to 5 hours and can survive light snacking.It fades evenly and it easy to reapply it.It is easy to remove these.

Overall,I really like the finish and the formula of the lippie stix.The price is also reasonable and the colours are amazing.The only drawback I found is the staying power and the fact that they cannot survive light meals.  I totally recommend these cuties.

Hope you enjoy the post.Lemme know your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you,


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Colourpop Ultra Satin Calypso :Review and swatches

Hey everyone.

Today I have another review for you all from Colourpop. Colourpop is my favourite brands currently.The quality ,price and diversity of product always attract me to try more and more from the brand.I love ultra matte and ultra satin liquid lipsticks very much,can’t get enough :).I purchased a bunch of products from colourpop. but today the topic of discussion is Ultra satin lips in the shade Calypso.Lets jump to the review.



Product Claims :

 A creamy, bold lipstick with a satin finish. This formula has the same high percentage of pigments as an Ultra Matte Lip but contains emollient ingredients for added moisture, keeping lips looking fresh and feeling super comfortable.

Though this lipstick is super long-wearing, it is not completely kiss-proof and does transfer.

Price : 6.50 USD



Shade : Calypso is a muted pink.It is a pinky nude for my skin.Perfect to be paired with smokey eyes or a natural look.It will look good on a variety of skintones.


Texture,finish and staying power : Ultra satin formula is liquid lipstick with a satin finish.The texture is neither too thick nor thin.The formula is very comfortable and does not feel drying at all.It transfer but the colour stays on lips for a long period of time.Transferring does not means that pigments are wiping off from the lips.It stays for 6 to 8 hours on my lips with less oily food.It survive snacks and drinks easily.It does not accentuate fine lines on lips.The formula is hydrating and luxurious.Those who are not habitual of wearing liquid lipsticks will love the formula because it feels like regular bullet lipstick.I like the formula and staying power is also quite decent.It does not stain my lips . I use coconut oil to  wipe the colour completely.


Let us sum up the PROS and CONS :


  1. Comfortable formula
  2. Decent staying power
  3. Very affordable( If you grab these on sale or free shipping offer)
  4. Beautiful shades
  5. Moisturising and does not accentuate fine line.


  1. It is not transfer proof
  2. Availabilty in India.

Ratings :5/5

I absolutely love the color and the formula .These stays for a long period of time so no need to reapply.I totally recommend this.


Thanks for reading


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Miss Claire Pearl Eyeliner 16 and 6: Review and Swatches

Hey everyone,

I hope you all are good.Thank you for visiting to my little space .I am going to talk about very affordable coloured eyeliner from the brand Miss Claire.Miss Claire is available on Nykaa,Amazon,Habbana.com,local stores in Delhi and Mumbai and on Insta stores.I got mine from an insta store.I found that the prices of Miss Claire products are best on Insta Stores.Lets begin with the review.


Price :The prices vary from Rs 150 to 300  for 5 grams of product. Rs 150 Buy hereDSC04660DSC04661DSC04662

Shades : Available in 16 shades ,some shades are matte also.


My thoughts about Miss Claire Pearl Eyeliner 

Packaging : It comes in a tiny transparent plastic bottle with a long cap with brush attached to the cap.The brush is fine and it is easy to apply a thin line with it.I love that cap is long enough to hold it properly.The bottle is light weight and travel friendly.There are no chances of bottle breaking or spilling while you are on the go.The shade name is mentioned on a sticker attached to the cap and colour code is mentioned at the bottom of the bottle.


Texture and finish : These liner are not glittery at all.They have a beautiful shine which looks even more stunning in artificial light.I think that is why they have named it pearl eyeliner .Actually I was expecting a glitter liner but I like this finish also.The texture is medium easy to spread.It dries out quickly.I feel a little burning sensation when it get inside my eyes  which goes away after some time but on the lids they are comfortable.


Staying Power : I applied it twice and it stayed through out the function.I have to remove these after coming back.They are easy to remove as well.I wore it for 4 to 5 hours maximum.Never tested it more than 5 hours.The finish was same even after 5 hours of wear.

Shades : 16 is a gold glitter in transparent base.It has multi coloured fine glitter and it can be used as a topper on any shadow because of its clear base.

is a turquoise blue colour.Very vibrant it does not have any visible glitter but it is highly metallic and super gorgeous.

16 and 6 L to R



  • Ultra affordable
  • Beautiful finish
  • Various shades
  • Easily Available
  • Good staying power
  • No chunky glitters


  • None


    Overall Thoughts

I think these are best and affordable coloured eyeliners available in India.These have various interesting shades such as red,green,pink etc.I think beginners will love this product as it is light on the pocket and high on quality.



Sugar Matte as Hell lip crayon – Poison Ivy and Viola Review

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to talk about Sugar Matte as Hell lip crayons .These crayons are for a long time in the market.  I have reviewed two other shades here. By now we all know Sugar Cosmetics and their lip crayons are their best seller.There are now total 15 shades in the range.The colours are beautiful and these a variety of colours from nudes to deeps.



Product Claims:

Benefits: The SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick has a creamy consistency that eventually settles in to a matte finish. With stunning shades that don’t fail to impress, it provides maximum coverage with the right amount of color. This power product is dermatologically tested & approved and 100% safe for your skin.

Bonus: Every SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick comes with its specially designed high quality sharpener that is carefully crafted to help you make the most of your purchase. 

How to Apply: Exfoliate your lips & apply the Crayon Lipstick just the way you would with any other lipstick. Blot & reapply. 

Price –  INR 799 each

Packaging : The crayons comes in a black chubby stick with colored band at the end.The name of the shade is written at the crayon which is quite convenient.The cap is black and fits really well.The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.

Texture and pigmentation – The crayons are soft and pigmented.They glides on lips smoothly and gives an opaque color in one go.The texture is creamy and very convenient.They settle to a matte finish but they are not drying at all.They does not settles into the fines line on the lips.They are not transfer proof but this does not affect the intensity of the color.It is a good idea to exfoliate and moisturise the lips.I really like the formula of the product.DSC04590DSC04588DSC04589


ShadesPoison Ivy – It is described as a wine colour.It is a stunning party colour and it will suit all complexions very well.

Viola – It is a mauve nude colour .It suits well to my medium skintone.

Both the colors are opaque and I do not find any difference in the formulation.

Staying power- It stays for around 5 to 6 hours on me ..It is quite convenient to reapply the product .

Poison Ivy (top) Viola (Bottom)



  1. Creamy and pigmented
  2. Not drying
  3. Comes with a sharpener
  4. Opaque color
  5. Travel friendly
  6. Velvet matte finish
  7. Comfortable formula


  1. Sharpening leads to product wastage
  2. Some may find it expensive

Rating -5/5

Thank you for reading





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Colourpop Lippie stix Candy paint : Review & swatches

Hey everybody,

Today I am going to share with you all my though about Colourpop lippie stix. I absolutely love Colourpop and they are affordable too.So,Colourpop launched some new shades in their lippie stix range.They launched 10 brand new shades and I grab two shades.This is the first time I  tryied lippie stix from the Colourpop.Lippie stix comes in various finishes as a matte lip lover,I grabbed candy paint which is a matteX .Read on to know my thoughts about it.

Price : 5.50 $.Colourpop increased their price to 0.5 $


Product claims :

Get one swipe pigmentation in a full-coverage, ultra matte finish in a comfortable formula loaded with skin-loving ingredients like shea butter and Vitamin E.

Lippie Stix Formula contains Vitamin E, Mango, Avocado, and Shea butter for added comfort and moisture. None of our Lippie formulas contain any nasty ingredients like Parabens or Sulfates.

Matte X Full-coverage, SUPER matte lipstick (think liquid lip status) with a very unique, lightweight, and velvety feel.DSC04567DSC04568DSC04569DSC04570

My thoughts about Colourpop lippie stix Candy Paint

It comes in a white coloured retractable packaging.It has a white cap  and shade name is mentioned at the bottom of the lippie stix.I found lippie stix smaller than Ultra matte and satin lipsticks.The packaging is nice,light weight and travel friendly.The shade candy paint is described as true terracotta. The shade looked stunning on me and it will look great on Indians.It will suit all skin tones.The colour is suitable for everyday and office wear.The formula is velvet matte and light weight on lips.These are not as drying as ultra matte and it can cover dry patches but it is always a good idea to moisturise the lips.It is very pigmented and single swipe is enough to cover lip completely.However,they are not transfer proof.It is best for those who are not habitual of wearing liquid lipsticks but love the finish.It give same finish but with comfort and hydration.It stays for 4 to 5 hours and can survive light snacking.It fades evenly and it easy to reapply it.It is easy to remove these.

single swipe in day light

I really like the finish and the formula of the lippie stix.The price is also reasonable and the colour Candy Paint is a total win.The only drawback I found is the staying power and the fact that they cannot survive light meals.  I totally recommend these cuties.

Hope you enjoy the post.Lemme know your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you,