Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara Review & Demo

Hey everyone,

My current mascara was finished so I decided to buy a new one.After trying Maybelline and Lakme mascaras I decided to try another from Essence Cosmetics.Essence have a range of mascaras and they are very popular of them also.I grabbed this one from Nykaa. Essence is a very affordable brand with some amazing products.Lets get into the review and know how I found this one.

Price : Rs 299


Product Claims :

There is a fabulous addition to the family of lash princess mascaras in black with the new Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. The special, iconic shape of the fiber brush provides lashes with length and dramatic volume as well as a false-lash effect. Also, the packaging of the drama queen is decorated with a gorgeous evening dress ? this time in black-mint.

  • A False lash mascara for those perfect eye lashes.
  • Special, iconic shape of the fiber brush provides lashes with length and dramatic volume as well as a false-lash effect.
  • Intense black shade, Easy to use.DSC04068

DSC04075DSC04070My Thoughts about the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara 

The packaging of the mascara is very cute and adorable.It reminds me of those ancient roman statues we used to see in movies LOL,anyone feeling the same?It is a curvy black bottle with mint green design.The bottle was not sealed in way which was kinda weird .They should have covered it with a transparent plastic sheet atleast. The bottle is sturdy  and travel friendly.


The wand is a conical shaped .It does the job of coating lashes really well.I do not find any difficulty in applying mascara to the lower lash with this wand.The mascara is not very heavy or clumpy on the lashes.It is good lengthening mascara.It gives you that spidery lashes.It is best to curl your lashes before applying for more curl .It makes the lashes thick and voluminous. I love the finish of the mascara,it certainly gives that falsh lash effect.The only drawback was that I found the mascara little dry which I fixed by adding some eye drops but it is not a good thing to find your new mascara drying.May be I got an old batch.The mascara is not water proof but it is not easy to take it off either.I used a little oil on cotton ball to remove it.I came out pretty easily with some oil.It stays for around 6 to 8 hours which is decent.

Overall ,I really like this mascara it makes my lashes  and voluminous and curly.I stays for a good amount of time and it is light weight.The wand is average nothing special but it did its job perfectly.I recommend this to those who love fluttery lashes.

Rating : 4/5

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Tarte limited edition Overexposed Highlighter Set : Review & swatches

Hey everyone .

So,  recently Tarte was celebrating their birthday week and they offered free International shipping  for 24 hours. We get Tarte products just for double price in India so offers like these are my dreams,I never miss them.I was eyeing on their bronzer and highlighter duo travel kit but it was out of stock so I picked this one.It is  travel size set of their best seller amazonian clay highlighter in exposed and tartiest pro glow in shade exposed.I am in love with the mini sizes these days.They does not burn a hole in pocket and we get chance to try best selling expensive products.They look cute as well.So lets get into the review now.DSC04001DSC04003DSC04004

Price – I paid 1100 INR for the duo. 14 USD

Product details –

A pretty pairing of a deluxe powder & liquid highlighter for a universally radiant nude glow.WHAT IT DOES
Allows you to customize your strobe from a subtle sheen to a high-wattage gleam. Whether you apply this travel set‘s best-selling Amazonian clay 12-hour highlighter & tarteist™ PRO glow liquid highlighter formulas separately or layer them together, your complexion will look healthy, hydrated & more luminous than holiday lights.Limited-edition set includes:

  • deluxe Amazonian clay 12-hour highlighter in exposed (nude)
  • travel-size tarteist™ PRO glow

My Thoughts about Tarte Amazonian Clay highlighter Exposed

Tarte amazonian clay blushes need no introduction everyone raves about it.Tarte amazonian clay highlighter comes in same packaging as the blushes.The travel size is also exactly same but it has no mirror.The packaging is nice and sturdy.The highlighter is very cream and smooth.It is not powdery at all.It has zero kick back which I love.The pigmentation is amazing .The shade exposed is  a  stunning champagne coloured highlighter.It looks very similar to my skin tone.The best part about this highlighter is that you can layer it for extra “glow” or sheer it down for natural “within glow”.The formula blends easily into the skin and it does not accentuate fine line an texture on the skin.It stays for 8 hours on my skin which is incredible.The only downside about this product is that it has  micro glitters ,glitters can be seen from very close but nothing too chunky .If you are afraid of glitters don’t buy it.


My thoughts about Tartiest Pro Glow Exposed

It comes in a squeeze plastic tube with a golden cap.The cream highlighter is same colour as the powder highlighter.It is champagne coloured cream highlighter.Only very little amount is required for perfect highlighting.It sets very quickly so needs to be blended quickly.It is best blended with fingers,the warmth of finger blends the highlighter into the skin.It has no glitter chunks,it has very pretty sheen to it which is pretty.It can be mixed with foundation however I have not mixed it with foundation yet.I will update if I used it with foundation.It stays for 6 to 8 hours.But the staying power can be increased by topping it with the powder highlighter.The combination of both products can definitely increase the staying power.



Overall,I am happy with the product and very excited about it.The set is amazing value for money.If you love natural looking highlights you can go for this.The pigmentation is incredible and staying power is decent.I love this set.


Ratings 4.5/5

P.S – I did not paid any customs for this.

Thank you for reading bye

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Nykaa GLAMOReyes liquid eyeliner Enchanting forest : Review and swatches

Hello everyone,

 Today I am going to review latest launch from the house of Nykaa. This is my first ever Nykaa product. Nykaa’s launches are always  bang on because I think they have very good PR network.They have collaboration with top bloggers hence their launches always create a buzz in beauty market.I really love this colour and the price was pretty affordable .I love coloured liners but this will be my first liquid liner ever.I am kohl and gel liner kinda girl.It is available in various different shades and if I like this I might buy other shades such as plum and teal .Lets get into the review now.DSC03967DSC03968DSC03969DSC03970

Price : 299 .Buy here

Quick Overview

Well, hello glam eyes! A bold release that packs a punch of stunning color in just one swipe, Nykaa’s Glamoreyes Liquid Eyeliner is all you need to get the most fabulous eye look on. What’s great about this product is its melt, crack and run resistant properties. This refined liner glides perfectly across the lash line for a gorgeous fluid application, leaving you looking super sensational!

Nykaa Glamoreyes Liquid Eyeliner – 03 Enchanting Forest : Let your eyes work the magic with our Nykaa Glamoreyes Liquid Eyeliner in Enchanting Forest. This beautiful deep green hue is sure to take everyone’s breath away!

My thoughts on Nykaa Glamoreyes liquid eyeliner Enchanting forest

It comes in green coloured   matte plastic bottle with a long black cap.The packaging is neither luxe nor cheap ,it is average.It comes in a red colour outer cardboard with the brand name and details written on the box.The shade name is mentioned at the bottom of the bottle.The packaging is light weight and travel friendly.The brush of the eyeliner is very fine hence it is easy to make fine line with it.I am very bad at liquid eyeliners but I managed to draw a thin line,hence suitable for beginners also.The cap of the liner is very long so it is very convenient to hold and draw line or wing.The shade enchanting forest is a beautiful  green colour.The liner dries to a glossy finish and after it dries down it is smudge prove and long lasting.The liner dries after a couple of minutes.The shade enchanting forest is pigmented but two coats are needed to build and intensify the colour.I find the formula comfortable and does not irritate my eyes.The colour showed up on my medium skin beautifully but I heard some blogger with darker skin tones that the colour becomes too dark on their skin almost black after drying.Nykaa Glamoreyes liquid liners have  a great staying power of around 8 hours but I find that it is very easy to remove with water.I tried to wipe it off with baby oil but it does not come off easily .I find it is very convenient to remove the liner .

DSC03976DSC03975Overall ,I find it is a great affordable option for beginners and students who do not want to splurge on makeup.It is a fun way to beautify eyes for daily basis.The liner is pigmented,staying power is great and shades are stunning.I am very happy with my purchase .I am happy that any Indian brand comes up with amazing coloured liquid liners.Will recommend if you love coloured liners.

Here is a quick eye swatch .I applied no makeup or base on my eyelids

 enchanting forest on my eyelid


Rating : 4/5

I hope you like my review.Please comment and let me know which is your favourite shade.

Thank you


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Sugar Smudge me not liquid lipstick Fierry Berry and Tangerine Queen :Review & Swatches

Hello beautiful girls,

I love transfer proof  lipsticks and when Sugar Cosmetics launched their smudge me not liquid lipsticks, I was sure that I have to get these.These are launched in various vibrant shades from nudes to bold colours.We all love previous launches by Sugar Cosmetics and I had high hopes with this one also.Keep reading to know my thoughts about it.

Product claims:

If you’ve ever lusted for a “one-coat wonder” product for your lips, your search ends here. Get a full-blooded burst of pigment with just a single swipe of the SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick that will stay the day and right up till the night! Wine, coffee & date-proof – this is a matte lipstick that is guaranteed to last longer that your longest day. Available in  stunning shades that will make it difficult to choose – the question is, are you ready to commit to a lipstick that is built to last?

Price : Rs 499 Buy hereDSC03936DSC03939

Shade & Packaging :  Tangerine Queen is described as orange coral and it is an orangy coral color very vibrant and brightens up the face.It is a perfect summer color.Don’t worry about the rest of makeup when you have Tangerine Queen on your lips.DSC03937DSC03940

Fierry Berry is described as a marsala .It is a beautiful berry sought of colour.I absolutely love this for winter /fall season.DSC03941

 Packaging -It comes in a plastic bottle and packaging looks almost same as Maybelline lip polish.The applicator is sturdy and does the job perfectly.

Texture & Staying power : This is “one – coat wonder” really.. applies opaque in one go and insanely pigmented.I find the texture a bit thick as compared to other liquid lipstick I have tried so far.I will suggest to use a brush for its application because if thick layer of product sits on your lips its gonna be very drying.If not using brush I  just run my fingers on my lips and take off the excess product,this way it is less drying and finish is WOW.Both the shades  does not apply patchy and give a perfect matte,transfer proof finish which I LOVEEEE .This stays for around 6 to 8 hours with drinking and light snacking,oily food break down it and it fades away from centre.

So lets quickly  summarise the pros n cons: –


  1. Super pigmented

  2. Transfer proof and smudge proof

  3. Long lasting

  4. Reasonable price


  1. Lips need to be prepared (moisturise and exfoliate)

  2. Some may find it drying.

  3. Difficult to remove.

Rating : 4/5

  Conclusion –   I love Sugar Smudge me not lipsticks because in our Indian  market it is very difficult to find a transfer proof lipstick with such a reasonable price . I am glad Sugar comes up with something like this.

Thank you for  reading and please comment your thought and queries.Bye n Take care.

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What is in my October 2017 Fab Bag

Hey ,

I just received my fab bag.I know it is too late for fab bag reveal but just thought should share what I received in my fab bag.This months’s theme was steal the limelight .October 2017 fab bag is a grey coloured pouch with shimmers.The bag itself is pretty and screams party and festive season.


I received following products in my fab bag this month:

  1. Kronokare City Detox face wash –  This face wash is free from sulphates,parabens and mineral oil.It is a simple bottle of 30 ml .
  2. DSC03933
  3. Natural Bath and body Thank God its friday Hair Mist – Its a sample bottle of 50 ml.I am very excited for this one because it is my first hair mist ever.It smells heavenly.DSC03932
  4. Sugar Smudge Me Not liquid lipstick (Fierry Berry) – This month the subscribers with plans were given opportunity to choose from newly launched Sugar products.I choose this Marsala shade.It is too pretty ( detail review coming soon)DSC03934
  5. Mond’Sub Gold facial mask – It is sheet mask with the goodness of gold.Very excited to try it out this winter as it is for dry damaged skin.My first sheet mask ever.Lets see how it work.Will review it soon.DSC03931

I am pretty happy with this months Fab bag,It contains products worth Rs 1000 to 1200   for 599 per month which is amazing.I always love fab bag when there is Sugar product in it.

Hope you like it.




Food Habits which Indians need to quit for successful weight loss

Hey everyone ,

Today I am going to talk about weight management.Weight management is my favourite topic after beauty (obviously) and I love to read new articles about tips and tricks to lose weight.I love to know nutritional value of foods and its really important to know if you want to keep a check on your weight.I have heard so many people complaining that they are not able to lose weight,they are doing this doing that blah and blah and I think it is because they do not know what are they eating ?what is nutrition content of the food?.Some food habits are so deep rooted that we never realise that it is the thing which is ruining all our efforts.Read my post on tips for weight loss here 

Indian Diet is designed in such a way that we end up having more carbohydrate and fat.So we should always keep a check on carbohydrate and fat content in our food.Lets begin with some food habits Indian need to quit for succesful weight loss.

  1. Milk and Sugar Tea – I believe 90% of Indians take tea with milk and sugar at least twice a day.Tea in India’s favourite beverage.If you want to lose weight go either for black tea or green tea.Tea with milk and sugar adds 60 to 100 calories and it is not satisfying either.It does not have any nutritional value hence in order to lose weight successfully say NO to Tea.If you are habitual for having rusk,biscuit or bread with tea it is going to make the situation even worse.By having only two rusks or biscuits with your tea you are adding extra calories which are full of carbs and fat.Tea-Biscuits_999906c.jpg
  2. Breakfast  – Deep fried puris,aloo paratha,paratha  is the breakfast situation in most Indian Houses.We are habitual or having puris and parathas in breakfast .I too love aloo paratha and puri sabzi in breakfast but these are full of fats and carbs.1 whole wheat puri has 100 calories of this 30 percent is calories from fat.I believe that if I control my breakfast I control my whole day meals.So,try to quit these heavy breakfast instead go for dalia,oats,besan chilla or even normal roti sabzi can save you from indulging in too much calories.Untitled.png
  3. Healthy snacking is the key – I believe after breakfast evening snacks can really change your dieting goals.We Indian are habitual of having deep fried bhujias,namkeen,kachauri ,samosas as snacks.I also love these not gonna lie but these even in small quantity can hamper your calories goals.These are full of carbs and fat,they makes you hungry faster.So check what are you snacking on .Grab a fruit,make sprouts salad or even low fat yogurt with fruits can be a smart choice for snacks.
  4. Rice is the culprit– Rice is the staple Indian food.Rice is full of carbohydrates and rice after roti (Indian flat bread)can lead to too much carbohydrate in diet.The amount of carbohydrate present in rice is twice than roti (Indian flat bread).So try to avoid rice after roti in your meals.Brown rice is a healthy alternative but it also has high amount of carbohydrates .White rice has almost no fiber whereas brown rice wins by having fiber.Hence brown rice is considered a better alternate than white rice.32cbc9e7a6067143e3c5ff6f6d698dd6.jpg
  5. Amp up the salad game – We Indian are habitual of having onion,tomato and cucumber in salad.Typical Indian salad plate is limited to only certain veggies.We should try to include some more vegetables such as cabbage capsicum,carrots,spring onion in our salad.Try to include peanuts,flax seeds and sprouts in your everyday salad.Instead of having lemon juice or chat masala dressing try yogurt dressing.Make your salad interesting.Salads are low in calories and keep hunger at bay for longer time. Amp up your salad game and keep extra calories at bay.2010-11-14-palakpaneersalad 
    Typical Indian salad

    This is it guys.Hope you find it useful.

P.S I am not the owner of the above images.

Thank you take care





Purple Half cut crease eye makeup inspired by Kaushal Beauty

Hi my lovely angels,

I did this purple half cut crease eye makeup inspired by Kaushal Beauty’s latest Diwali makeup.I loved it so much that I cannot resist myself from recreating this look.I am no where close to kaushal Beuty’s makeup skills but just for the fun part I tried it.I tried liner on the crease for the first time and I messed it two times.However I am not pretty happy with this one also but I was my best attempt.I never thought applying liner on crease will be so difficult.I messed it twice because I am not patient enough to wait it to dry.Kaushal used Urban Decay Heavy metal liner in Grind but I did not have something like that in my kitty so I went for this bronze pearl liner by miss Claire.


Products Used

  • Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Sand Sable
  • Carli Bybel Palette
  • Colourpop Weekend Warrior Palette
  • Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked Palette
  • Miss Claire Pearl eyeliner in 07 Brown
  • Sugar Stroke of Genius heavy duty kohl Back to Black
  • Sivanna Eyebrow Pencil
  • Sivanna Contour and Blush face palette to set under eyes.
  • False lashes from Japan
  • Ardell Lash Glue


Hope you like it .

Thank you